Donald Trump, Jerusalem, President Trump discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Really a trade expert ratio restful businessman begun expert peter navarro peter navarro now i have known the term ian affable peter navarro for 25 years um he taught at the university of california irvine joel kill donald trump fun and is the only economists willing to come out and say crazy stuff about trade uh peter navarro ran as a no growth anti developer radical leftwinger for mayor of san diego in the nineties he ran as a democrat for congress in the nineties he is a radical leftwinger but he got dressed up as an antichina guy and d just started reading in the craziest staff about tariffs and of evidently skip the 30's and smoothawley but peter just conned everybody on the economic benefits addition of it but the bush administration tried aluminum street steel tariffs in two thousand in two i think they were bust they were bust they always art eight we don't have a lot of aluminum mills wept where very few still mojo left but we got a lot of people that use aluminum and steel a come from abroad and the one thing it gives you for sure is inflation in aluminum steel prices which means inflation downstream in the one thing it does get his retaliation then already bourbon has been targeted and harley davidson mike adler cycles of been real american jobs nearly lost because of this so there is a rift in the gop there is an actually written a gop i've always said president trump is his own party the party of trump it's a big party but it's in coalition with the congressional republicans are usually works pretty well work wellknown tax cuts work role on the repeal the sequester worked well on a bunch of things last year are bill a dozen congressional review act bells but they work of all the tariff because the tariff is just such a terrible idea it's a disaster so we will see what happens we will keep following that very very closely let me go back tsa with president trump at the white house with benjamin netanyahu because what he's right he's right you write about moving the the embassy to jerusalem when he's wrong is wrong on tariffs that after a personal it's not about during the war with donald trump and watts people wanna make it that it's just he did he surprised everyone because this is not what he campaigned on it's a.

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