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Signed a bill requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns before they can be on the primary ballot you've seen over the course of years and years these norms being challenged and laws being passed to address those norms to codify best practices president Donald Trump is not released his tax returns Newsome says presidents have released tax return since Richard Nixon and he called it an appropriate law a similar bill was vetoed by ex governor Jerry Brown in two thousand seventeen who said he did not believe it was constitutional police now believe the deadly shooting at the Gilroy garlic festival was pre planned authorities recovered body armor a gas mass empty ammo boxes in gun pamphlets from the Nevada home of nineteen year olds and Tino llegan he's accused of killing three people and injuring a dozen during Sunday's attacking Gilroy investigators are now point over legions digital footprint in hopes of finding some sort of answer as to why he went on his rampage he was killed during a shoot out with cops and officials now believe that he most likely acted alone Jason Kempin Donia news ninety three point one K. of PK apartment of water resources has released a report on water and sustainability the update is part of a five year plan that is mandated by state law Akela Moses is with the department of water resources and says by highlighting priorities different water interests can join forces and make conservation a reality and again based off of that at the same ability outlet and that the goal of that is to kind of and be able to measure V. and vacation and the kind of return on investments that come from establishing these different visions goals and recommended actions Moses.

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