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Degrees in Boston. Rain showers thunderstorms today. Good morning It's 11 30 on Lori Kirby and here's what's happening. We begin with unsettled times and unsettled skies. Meteorologist Jacob Michael says. Watch for some showers and storms this afternoon. One more stormy day. Before we start to see drier conditions for Thursday. Then we have a few showers and maybe some storms for Friday, and we're mainly dry for the Fourth of July weekend, and if you're looking to get outside on the fourth once this rain clears up celebrations will be different this year. No big bash on the Esplanade Because of the pandemic, However, the Boston Pops will be hosting a broadcast in the evening. They will stream it. Online after years overlooking Park Square, Boston's Emancipation Group statue is coming down the Boston Our Commission voting unanimously to remove it after a petition gets more than 12,000 signatures. When this Bostonian heard of the commission's decision, his internal clock began to tick. I had never seen him for myself. I want to come down to the inscription on the pedestal below the nine foot tall bronze replica of Thomas Ball's original in Washington, reads a race set free and a country at peace. Seems contrary to the sculpture above at first sight. You have to look at it pretty deeply, and you have to do a little bit of research and understand the chains are broken. He's rising up, not kneeling down. I mean, it does show freedom. He's got an open mind and recognizes the need for equality and reform, but believes this decision tearing down this piece of Boston in our nation's history is hasty. I think change is good. I'm not opposed to change. It's gonna be.

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