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Cool kids know the correct answers pretty little liars and they've got the numbers to back it up and of course if you don't know pretty little liars is based on a work by sarah shepherd and it's about these five teenage dj girls were terrorized by a mysterious villain a okay after the disappearance of their class make okay basically the series starts off with the girls in their black outfits granger church as their friend is getting buried the funeral that's how the yoga as a yes we go on a alker villain we interviewed one of these a or somebody who is close to a yes you did and i was i was gone i was so sad but the shows legacy truly emerge through a relatively new measurement social media influenced by that yardstick p l l is the most powerful series on tv more than doubling the number of people who weighed in on the walking dead the bachelor of some of the shows that we are we see grinding and the creator of the earth the network president um it can started the whole shares she said it has everything has got the ongoing mystery the plateau's the turns the cliff hangers and lots of omg moments it's remain the most tweeted about show on television since it's been on and against more than gray's anatomy empire lakes walking dead rachel maddow show you know beats political shows and algeria the five get actresses run that scholey lucy hale and as she benson they didn't even really know what social media was when they started the show because it was just kind of get it's been on you know seven years so the race two thousand and ten and lucy heo new as for former she's the 40s second most followed person on instagram this to kinda give you a huge cake she's just tv and she does a little music gray she said it wasn't intentional it was like social media came at the first time and we were the first show to include hashtag signs an inch direct with the fans and the executive producer of the show said sarah sheppard wrote the wildly popular books was big and social media before the show it started and k socie that this is a great way to get bars let's do that said of the rabbit our fans even would influence what was happening in the rangers on.

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