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Nine one six twenty this little village in Greenland called innocent innocent Zoot. Greenland's only about one hundred sixty nine people live in this village but this. NASA iceberg, has been threatening the coast of this little village this in yeah and when you do text that. Link it does show, how the iceberg, is moving and, Jane the time lapse that they. Do on it shows the iceberg, moving significantly it's shocking and it's how close it is to the coastline of of Greenland in fact a number of these villagers had to be evacuated. Because they weren't certain Exactly what was going. To happen with us now is. This. The same village that, had a chunk of that iceberg fall off and it was threatening the Sudani as. As soon army well they were worried because, there are cracks in this? Iceberg and because of. Its close proximity to the shore they weren't sure if like you. Said if a chunk might fall off and or even just fall on land. The thing is. Massive you really need to to see it to appreciate just how large this iceberg is again you can see the video we'll send you the link text the word iceberg icy, e., b. e. r. g. to the talk and text line at four one four seven nine nine one six twenty now one of the officials in, Greenland says that it looks like right now it's moving north so that's a good. Thing. That is a good thing but you, don't know how long that's going to be moving north. It can shifted at any minute absolutely and they have said certainly because. Of where they are situated in the world icebergs are not that unusual they. Have certainly, had them pass by before but what makes this one so unique is Really the size of it because it's. Massive and if a chunk of this, would fall off they're concerned that this could cause severe damage as you, said possibly an enormous. Wave crossing cry crashing across the show right and you said some residents have been. Evacuated, obviously one hundred sixty nine. Residents it's not a large community but these people, will probably live there their whole lives you got to think about that they're uprooting, everything, that, they know and, moving closer. Inland, so this doesn't affect them but it's horrible well for right now it's moving away so, that's good but there's there's. Still a chance the winds, change and the if the direction changes that it could come back. And and threatens this village of. In. In Greenland but take, a look at it certainly make you appreciate the power of nature text iceberg to. The echinacea talk and text line at four, one four seven nine nine? One six twenty WTMJ breaking news center I'm Debbie Lazaga this is. A WTMJ Paul w. I, dot com timesaver..

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