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Behind like the old president and vice president the new president's not dumping one hundred and fifty billion in cash the currency on your tarmac. And all of a sudden, you know, America's energy independent, and the straits Hormuz. Have never been less important to us than they are now because everything always gets back to the lifeblood of every Konami, which is oil and gas. We may want to tell that to some of these new green deal Democrats, that don't get it that would like to eliminate it and ten years, but it's very clear that the president is taking his time. He's thinking through it he's going to be thoughtful. What's interesting to me about it now very consistent with what the president said while running for office, he does not want to getting gauged in foreign entanglements. But with that said, you don't get to take an American drone and shoot it out of the sky and paraded around on rainy, and TV and think that that's gonna fly. Now what I believe we have to ultimately do is what I was talking about in the last hour, we need to modernize America's military to the point where we build the most sophisticated the best, the most technologically advanced. Danced military equipment where we're not gonna have to send kids boots on the ground so that these idiots in Washington, who send them, you know, a year later two years later, we're gonna say, oops, never mind, and that in the current political climate, we live in that is almost inevitable. I don't think it could not happen at this point anyway. Dan, Hoffman is with us. Fox News contributor thirty year. CIA ops officer, and former CIA officer, Dan Gabriel director and executive producer of Mosul, and Dan specialized in countering terrorism violent extremism, and directing counterinsurgency operations. And by the way, developed, and benchmark counter radicalization theories, and methodology in the Islamic world. These are two of the most experienced people that you'll ever meet. And thank you, both for being with us. Thank you. You know, Dan of known you a long time. You know, by the way, if you hang out with Dan Hoffman, I just want you to know you're going to end up walking away, after fifteen minutes so paranoid, because he thinks everything's bugged we now we're together in Singapore. And my room is getting swept every day. And you're, like, of course, there's bugs in their my great can we at least take the one out of the shower and you laughed? But the level of sophistication terms of spying today is beyond most people's comprehension, isn't it? oh yeah you talked about technology to enable us to develop the most advanced military weapons we also use a lot of technology in our espionage as well in tracking people using technology so yeah you you were probably being watched in the shower sean as harsh as that it's all of us to to imagine it was probably true that really is so comforting to know because what even though we swept the room every day you're saying they still got it well in singapore and hanoi as well we were certainly of great interest to the enemy that would be china first and foremost because of the work that we were doing their tracking the summit and frankly your ability to track what's going on in this administration that would have been an interest of interest to to the chinese and it's why they probably turned their attention to you and the rest of us need for sure based on my background so the question is swimming that they're accumulating all those intelligence why did he never read about why did they never release well they use it to inform their leaders specifically she shopping so he can make educated decisions about how to deal with china's main enemy the united states you know what scares them is very similar to what skinner's russia's democracy we've seen from the protests in hong kong last week that's really the threat that that that poses that his post china right now and there's no question that all of china's opponents derive inspiration from the united states from our constitution and bill of rights and liberty and freedom and democracy we enjoy in this country yeah let me go to dan gabriel dan you spent how many years in countering terrorism working in the c._i._a. violent extremism directing counterinsurgency operations i mean both of you have such incredible life experiences and and both the your real patriots and i thank you for all your service i don't know you as well as i know dan happen tell us a little bit about your background Sure. Two thousand four to two thousand five which is actually what would be to, to make film, both of which is came out. You know, in, in one of the things that we saw in twenty four tnr, actually five years away from the anniversary fall, most will Tigers only in certain at your Dan and a lot of that, that were there spend time and bloodshed lost friends, there to see that happen was, you know, originally question what was it all four on? And I think luckily, we'll be saw between October twenty sixteen July twenty seventeen which we captured on film was the Iraqi forces coming together the different groups within their inner within their community on uniting, at least for the time being. All right. So now I know that this, that there are people whoa. Oh, no. Donald Trump's going to you know, it's got to be proportional. Whatever the response is got to be proportional. I'm very clear in my mind that you can't shoot out an American drone over international waters. I was shocked and Hoffman last night. Geraldo, saying after having met with I guess, the Iranian embassador yesterday that well they have a very. Different story to tell me to listen to it. I don't I don't believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of any of these leaders in Iran. They have killed Americans in Iraq. They have been commenting terror in the region forever. on top of that we know that they've been fighting a zillion proxy wars especially funding radical extremist groups like hamas has ballade to go after israel they chant death to america death to israel when know where they're coming from the real red line in the sand is never allowing them to get nuclear weapons because if you do and you marry that to their extremism that could be a modern day holocaust from my thinking yeah so what what geraldo heard was exactly what the iranians want us to hear it's their propaganda message we know that that's not even close to the truth it's just the same you hear from china and from russia those autocratic regimes that don't have a free press to count all the lies of the government i think for us going forward is a couple of things we need to be thinking about i look for a diplomatic twist on the party united states europe has been holding this idea that the nuclear deal is a good one i think they should be opening there is now realizing that on a malign actor and they need to side with us to enforce those sanctions rather than seeking to support ron and seeking to support the nuclear deal that we rightly walked out of and secondly you make the right point sean about we need to make around pay some consequences for mining tankers in the gulf and shooting down on our drone the response needs to be proportional because look we don't want an all out war with iran that wouldn't serve our interests at all but at the same time we do need to make them pay some consequences and i think that'll be something that's discussed in the coming days the last point is we really need bilateral consensus if there was ever a time for democrats and republicans to get together and agree on something this is it you know we really need both parties to come together maybe they can't figure out health health care or immigration reform but but this one we really need it and i think we've we've seen some of it but i'd like to see some more i gotta take a quick break we'll come back and we'll continue more with dan hopping and dan gabriel eight hundred nine four one.

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