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I think there's a good chance that he will be playing 90 minutes in most matches, if not all. You couldn't say that for giovanna, and you probably couldn't say that for a brand aronson. And he certainly can't say that for Tim wea. So with that being said, I think for game one, you know exactly what you get from unis Musa and if he's playing at his best vibes on a thousand, give it to me. You know, a guy that we didn't mention, but we should have. And look, if he starts, we will, because I think he'll be among those guys right next to Tyler's Weston McKinney. Who should start against Wales in your opinion, Charlie? Take me through your 11. This is Charlie Davies 11. This is not Greg berhalter's 11. We can sort of argue as you go as whether Greg might disagree. What is your 11? So Matt Turner and goal, right to left across the back line, sergino dest, walker's Zimmerman, Tim ream, Antony Robinson. All right, pause, Tim ring. Dig in. Tim ream. So you're looking at air long, Cameron Carter Vickers, or Tim ream for that spot. Camera card Vickers has been playing at Celtic, got injured, and he's not a left center back. Not left footed. So then Aaron long, Aaron long has always been Greg berhalter's guy, has given him a lot of chances, has been out of play. Because New York Red Bulls came out of the playoffs for an extended amount of time, his play since probably the last two months of the season hasn't been strong. And so in terms of confidence and fitness, I'm going to go for Tim ream, who's been playing extremely well every week. The captain of Fulham, great with the ball at his feet. So you don't have to worry about distribution and communication because he plays with anti Robinson every week. So you know that partnership is on point. They understand each other. They know their strengths and weaknesses. So I think that's why I would start Tim marine because of not just because of his age and experience, but because he's fit and he's informed and he has that great partnership and understanding what anti Robinson who is obviously going to provide cover on the weak side. Do you think do you agree, Dave? Do you think Greg agrees? So I refuse to try and predict or describe anything about what Greg berhalter thinks based off the roster. Like we spent 18 months working on that and then I don't know, he watched a game last weekend and picked other people and that's not a knock on him 'cause I do think a lot of these were debatable 50 50s, but so I refuse to try and predict what he's going to do. In saying that, I will predict, I don't think Tim ream will start all three games. So now you're looking at, okay, well, which ones is he not going to start? Now, everything Charlie said, I agree with. The big one is if whales is a game where you have more possession, you want Tim ream trying to break lines out of the center back roll when you're higher up the field. But I do think the biggest factor for this game is allowing Robinson and desk freedom to attack. And worrying about counter attacks and athleticism from Wales. And that's why I think Aaron long gets the start in this game and ream gets the start again thing England.

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