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Mr Michael Oppenheimer from I robot dot com has everything. No. Like, you you clean the house a lot. Mode at that. Would you like the I robot? To send one to your house. I'm sorry. The police. Oh, police cannot. Not do police will not clean your floor the way the room. But does miss we'd like to send you one? Mean clean the floor. Ooh. Yes. Thank you. I'm gonna call the cops. Okay. I guess is ridiculous. My worry. Now, give me I was about to go out the door. She she's she she's like. To keep hold. Okay. Something maybe that means she can't to a lot of cleaning. And she liked the room. But do it. He has tile perfect because. I'm going to call the cops to scuba wake the scuba side kick. Will. Yes. The crap. I it sounds like you have an elderly person in the house. Maybe they can't see as well as they used to..

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