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A union and this could potentially impact everybody going forward well some of the other stories we're watching in the kfi twenty four hour newsroom let's get a little lighter president trump has gone after and united late night talk show host listen to this a couple of nights ago trump rallied for republican candidates in south carolina and used part of his hourlong speech to criticise stephen colbert and jimmy kimmel and fallon guy at cbs is what a low life what i mean honestly these people funny i mean this guy on cbs has no talent but jimmy jimmy fallon calls me up and he's like a nice guy he's lost it looks like a lost soul right he gets out there hey but you know what he's a nice guy i agree to do a show and because i guess i was running at that time i think it was he got tremendous ratings on that killed everybody right he should be thankful he shouldn't be upset and angry so i said to him today on social media said jimmy be a man just relax it's rare collaboration featuring culbert fallon and conan o'brien it's surprising trump is orange because if you ask me he is banana 's done great monologue the life that's right what are you all i'm busy having no talent did you see trump rally last night nope me either pretty bad stuff matters really that doesn't sound like him hurt he said we're all no talent low lives lost souls well that's not right that's coenen oh hey guys what's up president trump donald trump the real estate guy who sell stakes he's president how's he doing not so good well guys give him time okay and remember please be civil for not careful this thing could start to get ugly hey about start shaving my chest you guys wanna watch ex yeah do you wanna eat red red hand aaron vendor kfi news that's good stuff well it's called the influence or mural number we talked about this yesterday where you can only stand by the mural and get yourself taken or take a selfie i guess if you have twenty thousand followers on twitter which means only people like handle or conway or john and ken can actually go take a selfie and let's think about it you really see any of them going to take a selfie there either any who the influence or mural apparently is bs wallpainting blocked off with a tent in a parking lot off of melrose avenue is guarded by a security officer in order to get into the tent for a selfie with the mural of angel wings with a blue check mark above them you have to prove to the guard that you have twenty thousand followers or are verified on instagram that's what the blue check means turns out it's just a promotion for a web series coming out in july the guy behind it says companies get on their hands in east beg influencers to moat their stuff we're just being direct about it i have no shame the promotion is supposed to end today michael krozier kfi news now a couple of animal stories for you first of all this horrible wind coming out of michigan it's an animal cruelty investigation now two people were caught on video using a power washer on their car then they cleaned off their two dogs with a frequent power washer the woman who is the co owner of washed up auto wash in warren michigan told nbc affiliate there we were horrified we saw how the dogs were standing it was terrible you can tell they were afraid and probably hurt it shows a man and woman washington dogs with soap to wash cars and then they use a hose to powerwash them the water by the way can be up to one hundred ten degrees and the force is twelve hundred psi i hope i hope they get nailed for that all right now let's talk about bunnies you know what a fan of bunnies diam fed shelter workers in westminster say they're worried more bunnies mean more problems wags pet adoptions courtney dorney says they've received one hundred sixty rabbits from a hoarding case sixty in this room with just two dogs.

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