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Michael Cohen, President Trump, R Kelly discussed on Sean Hannity


Our Kelly surrenders former fixer talking I'm born record are be artist R Kelly as turned himself into police in Chicago after being indicted on ten counts of sexual abuse against four alleged victims. Correspondent Randi Kaye tells us more three were older than thirteen but under seventeen that's according to the state's attorney in Chicago one count refers to Kelly using force or the threat of force. The public will have to wait a little longer to re Paul manafort's sentencing memo from special counsel, Robert Muller. The critical filing had a midnight deadline set by a federal court, but the report has not been publicly released according to the New York Times, President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly offered information about possible. A regularities was in the Trump family business reporter, Maggie Haberman. Michael Cohen met recently with prosecutors from the southern district of New York, which is where he pleaded guilty to talk about the Trump organization and information related to ensure. Claims. We don't have more details than that. We don't know where these insurance claims were processed or what they were for specifically. But that is what he talked about Haberman. And Cohen is also said to have discussed said Cohen is also said to event discuss the donor to the inaugural committee when he met last month with federal prosecutors in Manhattan, President Trump picked Kelly craft the US ambassador to Canada as his nominee to serve as the next US ambassador to the United Nations replacing Nikki Haley in a couple of tweets, Mr. Trump says craft has done an outstanding job representing our nation. And no doubt that under her leadership. Our country will be represented at the highest level. Having been Senate confirmed craft is expected to cruise through the process for the UN ambassadorship craft is married to Joe craft a Kentucky coal baron, making her also the favourite of Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. Bob Costantini, Washington..

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