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The cairns boys they are they are maternal can up their your boyce they are the the the actors who you love in multiple census right there there are people whose work you respect and who you also find attractive that's correct annan back you're going back to try to find the origin yep yep keep going through new karen keep talking but you have like a very specific type of just like hardworking bluecollar character actor off in international who who you really take two yes i think emma described him at some point but was like they all look like ether they would die within the first thirty minutes of the movie aid or that or they would be the killer at the end zia i think that's pretty spot on any ben mendelssohn is kind of like the seems to be the flagship he's they'll aim attic and he certainly falls in that category enter first two girls or or the one who offers the final recent berger reports subject bend mendelssohn yes so was proper title sorry recent burger report subject to to to to to to to to to to to do to to bend mandelson thanks this this movie has a pretty major cairns buoyant right i had previously been dubbed is such yes i definitely yes i mean to the point that david david texted me while here's watching this year he was like four scenes four shots and there's a pretty major karen's by yes and why started watching.

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