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Dot edu and sign up for their free and terrific online courses this next american stories about the youngest civil war general in the union army and incredibly fearless man who scented his air with cinnamon oil a man who saroeun been reenacted time after time for the big and large stage and screen in fact president ronald reagan played him in the nineteen forty western santa fe trail a box office success that reagan starred opposite errol flynn a year later flynn also start is this man in the bio pic they died are boots on on this day in eighteen seventy seven the us army held a west point funeral with full military honors for lieutenant colonel george armstrong custer this is his story plummet desolate hillside emits the rolling prairie of montana george armstrong koster made his laststand although one of the most successful military leaders in united states history it was custer's defeat that made him a legend and gave you the american west it's first true hero no historians now cast the less glorious picture of george custer who is more likely referred to as a villain been as an american martyr but one point is clear george custer was an exceptionally grave an effective combat leader doering america's bloody civil war the 23yearold custer became the youngest than most admired general in the union army with her rolex that helped him win the most decisive battle at gettysburg custer in a battle uh was was.

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