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Investigation in one diocese secret documents show church leaders made settlements with abuse victims settlements that contained. A confidentiality agreements forbidding victims. From speaking Notre game theologian can moss says cases like this could mean big financial trouble for. The church already seeing renewed calls the statute of limitations. On these. Cases and if that was to happen that could potentially bankrupt all of these devices in this study as well. As many others around the, country, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro says church officials routinely described the molestations as horse play and wrestling but he. Says it was child sexual abuse CBS news update and Allison key WBZ news time five thirty two enorthfield are questioning a suspect about Last night's shooting death of a prominent attorney WBZ's bernita foyer reports seventy two year old Stephen Shapiro was senior member and founder of the supreme court and appellate practice at the prominent law from a. Mayor Brown he, had served, as deputy solicitor general in the Reagan administration, Northfield police say that last night at seven nineteen Shapiro was shot in his home in the two hundred block of Latrobe it what's being called a domestic incident the suspect fled to his home on tower road. In about three hours later he was arrested the firm says it is shocked and saddened by Shapiro's death Bernie voyage NewsRadio on one five, point nine FM, today one for, two men who standing trial to the shooting death of fifteen. Heidi Pendleton pubis killed a week after taking, facilities President Barack, Obama's second inauguration prosecutor redocking says essentially died in a friend's arms did harsh park Two thousand thirteen startled scared teenage girl Handed.

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