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Year's Oscars. They've rolled out a carpet the color of bubbly. Sunday's host Jimmy Kimmel was outside the Dolby theater in Hollywood for the unveiling. I've been asking is a movie in a trouble this year and they're going to be eating violence this year and we certainly hope that. But if there is, I think the decision to go with a champagne on a rather than a red carpet was how confident we are that no club will be spent. Are you listening Will Smith? Deborah Rodriguez, CBS News. Sports hit 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. What's up Dave Preston? Wizards begin their two game two step with Atlanta by losing to the hawks last night, one 22 to one 20 don't worry. They're going to get a chance to beat the hawks again in two evenings when they take on Atlanta Friday night. Men's college hoops, Georgetown loses to Villanova 80 to 48 in the first round of the big east tournament, hoyas finished the season by losing 20 of their last 22 games Atlantic ten second round George Mason gets by Richmond, Josh and doro netting, 16 points with ten rebounds in the 62 to 57 victory patriots play St. Louis this afternoon in the quarterfinals, which begins in Brooklyn at 1130 this morning, regular season champ VCU facing Davidson, Howard advances to the miak semis, while mount saint Mary's falls in the metro Atlantic quarterfinals, Virginia tech loses in the ACC second round the big story though in Greensboro, the departure of Syracuse coach Jim beheim after 47 seasons at the helm replaced by longtime assistant and former player Adrian autrey on tap tonight, Virginia begins its run at the ACC tournament by playing North Carolina, Maryland is in the late game at the Big Ten tournament against Minnesota says I think 9 30. I'm going to take the over. It's probably going to start around 9 50. Usually run late. Dave Preston WTO P sports. I had Russia launch is another barrage of missile attacks on Ukraine, 9 56. This week

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