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They will qualifying choppers about them before they they really it's really funny because about a year ago they launched something they appeal to all businesses and different things but they really especially the last year kind of focused on small business they said we realized that are we want to focus on the small business not the bigger guys yeah yeah gets more i know so but they have of small businesses but they've done this thing where they spotlight their stories and of course we share different ones and everything but they didn't think they asked forty different business owners their best pieces of ice of where they've stumbled and fall but stumbled i'm still thinking about yeah you'll be fallen this is why you need me i know it's hard but you have to go through withdrawals chicken with she's emiko anyway when we come back i'll tell you a few different things it's kind of interesting to see how people across the boards like what they're saying is that you know they had followed all that whatever it is said and i don't know i think it's very interesting because everybody has a very different broad range of things i'm sure they do wow you see why was right all i got a phone i can't get up we'll be right back.

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