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Talk again but. All right man. Thank you I, appreciate too. All right that's the show. Shout out to low step a great to have you on man for everybody out there listening don't forget low steppers new album boiling point. It's out right now it's incredible. You got to go grab it. You can also grab his new EP on defected records and he's got so much more in store. There's a link in the description of this episode where you can go follow him, check him out. And keep up today with everything he's doing you can also follow me at Willie joy or at back-to-back pod on all social media or you can email me directly back to back pod edgy gmail.com. I would also love to have you come join the back-to-back discord server. That's my chat. That is my hang out. I'm in there all the time chatting with people welcoming the new folks who join every day and look a great. Community of people were talking about music we're talking about life we're talking about making music. So if you make music if you make art, come share it with us, get some feedback get connected and just in general come say what's up I wanna meet you guys I gotta get Outta here I gotta go drive a few hours take my first vacation of the year man. I'm really plan this up it's it's to as. At. AIRBNB guys. But you know we got to celebrate the little things here and I'm looking forward to it I. Hope by the time this episode drops you have been refreshed by your weekend I. Hope you're feeling good. Happy healthy saying I hope the people around you're doing well, I. Hope you guys are taken care of each other. I hope you're listening to some good music for back to back. This is Willie. Joy. Peace..

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