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So now a lot of people don't From earlier seasons in our show don't actually no That my father was a wasn't is a famous singer in our community. So what i want to touch on is. That's hillary of how you guys met. You know because you guys actually met here but you wanted to cut his hair. Okay let me tell us how limited some star this is a very important story I'm talking about nine hundred ninety five ninety six back then and then we'll happen. You dad came up with a very very good song. And then his song was Named kobe jemma town be and i have a two people who's been singing for him was With the drums. Provide the guitar player. And i was telling him. Listen to me. I wanna come and then to meet with the remy. I want to do his hair style. Because the cowbridge has to look like a real cowboy. And i was trying to make those staff to look like a coward and then i don't know what happened and then i get a chance to to be involved with back then so what happened in two thousand eight. Listen to me. This is a store ten years later over ten over ten years and then he came came here in connecticut and then as a professional singer everybody goes to see how he sings and blah blah. And then i was doing a show. And when clothes. And i said hey listen who am and we get to talk and i said i want you to come to my story to my store. And there's no problem unicom and blah blah. He came and then after than i was making his style for the set. Kobus is still into a. And then i was saying i'm gonna cut your this way and then you know and they said okay and i i was having his pictures always put in his pictures on my wall and then he didn't see it and i said when i return his face after he cut his. Yes i said there. See that guy. The i remember this. I did this kobe jameson. I said this is my dream to make your hair all my god. I want you to tell everybody where your salon is located If they wanna visit you personally and have work done by you on top of that. I want you to just let everybody know how to reach out to you if they want to. Work with line directly makeup artists and there are some movies so how people can connect with you going forward. Let's very good so. My salon is in connecticut. Endless in rocky hill says knowle's salon. Okay so anybody. Whoever can go there and they can see only share slot and then can see to to websites they have. I have a website for salon and they have a website for special effects. Okay and then. I have all those celebrity people with who are some work and then they're all on. Yes and then. I have Whatever the celebrity people they come in on the how good i am done with them so they can check over there if they want to Welcome to come anybody else. It's so nice to see you know. It's very very lovely to work an ready for any type of movies. Any type of things were they want to do it. I'm open ready the whole time. And then we're with the production to do anything so it's not like we said You know just a last minute. Message to young people out there especially young albanians in this case Just a message to to them and also any last minute. Shout outs or anybody. You know your team and who you work with. You know what i want to say. One thing very important things. I want everybody to listen to this. Words love what you do to never stop success. It's behind your shoulder. So i want to say thank you very much for having me and thank you very much to also beta. Who's a very very professional photograph on this. Yes he's doing the video. I think you very much. He's a very celebrity person. Who's been doing for so many so many Very public few figures in in our country. So i'm wishing him success. I wish him very welcome to united states. So we'll see for thank you very much guys and then also Bobby doerr cafe. Make sure everybody comes out Fourteenth street check outdoor cafe trial bringing food. And don't forget. Hi this cheap and subscribe on youtube five stars on all podcasts or platforms and states..

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