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Appellees asking us to remind you that while Instinet casket lay in other D. C. R. recreation sites are closed Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes right now let's check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast C. twenty four hours makes a huge difference we check in with meteorologist dean devore good morning to you I was going to it good morning I was gonna ask yeah if you could just let me pretend that yesterday never happened but what what I've got coming down the pike I wish we could pretend isn't gonna happen either this is decidedly not the kind of April forecast here we're looking for in the middle of the month brisk and cold this morning real fields are in the thirties that breeze while not as bad as yesterday it's still going to kick in so we'll see at temperatures up in the low to mid fifties today with sunshine it gets damp and chilly tonight some rain and drizzle break sample done end up your forty when we start tomorrow morning and we're not gonna get much past a forty five to fifty in most areas tomorrow's bits rain and drizzle early sun returning in the afternoon there is a kind of a snow shower the morning blustery very chilly real feels twenties and thirties low fifties on Friday with some early sun giving way to clouds and then there's this system Jeff Friday night into Saturday it's looking like there could be some rain or wet snow in southern New England I think it should and I think the S. city would be better suited to rain but there could be some snow off to the north and west so we're going to keep an eye on right here on WBZ Boston news radio spring doing what spring does best it's beautiful right now in Boston forty eight degrees six twenty six a look at doing good business now under pressure from state regulators and Attorney General Maura Healey some auto insurance companies are about to put some money back in your.

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