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Thank you but college majors so if you want to make a lot of money you should major that we know this the highest most narrative college majors petroleum engineering you will make more money if you are now the majority of the majors in petroleum engineering our males very few females and women are measured by dick than being that to me also metallurgy naval architecture very few women but you make money <hes> <hes> women are over here in early childhood education fields they find rewarding and social work and society understanding society eddie has shitty priorities but then you can try to change it but but don't say we're being cheated out of our salary. It's a complicated complicated issue so what i try to do on the fence planers is to show people that women are going to be helped by truth an accurate analyses of problems and we just don't have that right now. We have a lot of spin and hyperbole. Get with my therapy dog but thank you so much for coming by and enjoy great the senior all right us radar power john. It is the editor at large of reason magazine coast of the fifth column podcasts matt welsh back with us matt well. It looks like my father in nineteen sixty because he does choose the president and c._e._o. Of voter latino and am an m._s._n._b._c. m._s._n._b._c. contributor maria theresa kumar back is the entrepreneur and former three term congressman from maryland and now seeking the democratic presidential nomination john delaney no overtime tonight i. I have a show in vegas every time but i didn't <hes> okay so i thought this is a good week to sort of commiserate with the mess vast majority of america to say where do i go because this storm has shown us a coupla things marianne williamson on the democratic side said it's it's not wacky to believe that if millions of us use our mind power prayer we can turn the hurricane away from land. We we can't do that. Merit and then trump says nuke. This is the american the american who says really this is my fucking choice to this country mind power to turn that redefine for joyce choice for that's what america we're we're right in the middle of the movie the fifth element you remember that. I don't think that's basically in the dark force okay so i guess my question is does anyone have drugs california cornea and nine eight other states have legally so we can at least commiserate support all right so. I thought this would be a good week to talk about. I brought this book before if obama the list just being i can with a foreign star the unsecured i've known you know <hes> canceling world war one appearance because of rain russian officials in the oval office. I mean we too but this week is a perfect week because one from the washington post president trump's oh eager to complete hundreds of miles of his border wall. He directed aides. It's too fast track. Billions of dollars worth of construction contracts aggressively sees private lands and disregard environmental rules and he said if subordinates it's who are worried about getting caught at this. We're found out he would pardon them. Should they have to break laws to get the barriers build quickly so this is his big thing the wall aw you know the president obama's big thing the affordable care act what if obama had said this is my big thing. Let's break some laws to get it done and if you do and get caught. I'll pardon you mitch mcconnell. Anything republicans head would explode. I mean what we'd be hearing and listening to the double standard is just unbelievable. The freedom caucus was launched right in two thousand fifteen and look at its founding documents..

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