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Right and we're back here on. Gsm see fantasy football podcast. for the third segment of today's show. We're going to do a player. Rankings of the players in the nfc north will be going from the bottom up to the top. Which would be the best player. I don't wanna say you know best and worst because you know if they're not that good when it comes to fantasy i don't include them on here. You know so we're going to go from the bottom to the top when it comes to fantasy value and you know how. I think they're going to do this season so let's get right into the listen. I have here so starting off the list. here. I have jared goff now. I'm including him on here just because he's a quarterback and he could definitely provide points at he could definitely be a streamer option during ear. Probably be very rare. 'cause the lines are not a very good team. And i do not think that jared goff is going to have a very good season for the lions however i think i should include him on this list just because he is a quarterback and he does deserve some respect for what he's done over the course of his career yet hasn't been a terrible quarterback he's been solid but a lot of people will say that's because of the system that he played in. Obviously playing with sean mcvay and play with the rams and having great offensive line and a good running game and really good wide receivers. That does help you. You know so. I think that is you know. Definitely an reason why he's been very good Not very good but solid. You know as a quarterback. But i would include him just because he's a quarterback and again like i said he could definitely be a streamer option. If you know. You're desperate at the quarterback position. And if he does happen how good matchup that week so he's the first player on this list. Then after that moving on is irv smith junior tight end for the vikings. I think he's going to have a good season for the. Vikings definitely could be a guy that could ride your bench. I feel like you know. I feel like you could be a guy that you know. Maybe you start at times if you're desperate at the tight end spot. He's definitely somebody that you could put in like. I talked about on preview shows. The vikings don't have a number three wide receiver that they could really depend on. So he's definitely a guy that is going to see an uptick in targets. Also because of kyle rudolph leaving it. Free agency to go to the giants. He's going to see more targets. And i think he's going to be more of a factor in this vikings often so look for him to be a guy that you want to potentially get for. You know your tight end position. I think he's going to have a decent year for the vikings so then moving on after that. I actually included. Aj dylan on this list. As well i feel like he's gonna play more of a role in this offense for the packers this year. Obviously jamal williams is not there. He's in detroit now so. I think it's probably a good idea if maybe you would want to. You know if you have aaron jones on your team you probably stashed on your benches. Well i feel like he's he's going to be. More of a factor in aaron jones does have a tendency to miss gamer to sometimes. So i feel like you know. He is an insurance policy for that but also he'd be a great just to start you know for you. Know if in case joneses is hurt and has to miss time. So i think he's gonna have a good year i think he's gonna play more of a role in the packers off and so. Aj don't another player on this list. After that is tj hodkinson. I think he's the best weapon on detroit right now. I feel like he's gonna have a huge role in this offense and even bigger role than he's had in years past just because now when you lose guys like golladay and marvin jones and free agency and replacing them with Shod paramount entira williams and williams coming back from injury you know. I don't think he played it all last year. So he's gonna have to you know. Get his footing right and perriman. You know he's a nice piece. But i i don't think he's a guy that's you know going to provide a lie when it comes to fantasy but hopkinson again tight end a guy that you know a lot of people are going to wanna because of the tight end spot and also you know. He was a top five tight end last year. I believe you know when it came to points he was you know he did get a points i think he average like eight points a game. You know and jared goff loves to target his tight ads that something that he loved to do in la and teach you. Hodkinson is one of the few weapons that he does have. So i think he's going to take advantage of that and teaching. Hopkinson i think is better then gerald everett and i better than higby as well so you know. Let's see how they do together. I think he's gonna have to use them a lot. He's probably going to be his security blanket in detroit. So you know if hopkinson is there and you need to tight end. I think he's a guy who potentially wanna get so then after. That is the andrea swift. You know the running back spot. I think he could definitely be a solid flex option for your team. Possible rb to you know. Also jamal williams is there so i think that is something that you want to keep an eye on because jamal williams he could be a good option to start here and there as well depending on how deep your leagues are. But i would swift. I feel like swift is going to be the lead back. I think he is the you know. I really think he's going to have a good year this year. He was good last year. And let's see how they let's see how they do together him and jamaal williams but i feel swift probably be you know a little bit of a notch on hawkins and just because you know the running back position i think people value over you know the tight end spot but also i just feel like you know he's going to have a better year than hopkinson. You know just in my opinion then moving on. I got justin fields next. I feel like. I put him here instead of dull and believe it or not because i feel like he will be late round. Pick a hot waiver wire pickup when the bears do eventually make the switch at the quarterback position. Because you know that's probably coming. I think he is the more explosive option of the two quarterbacks. And i feel like he could definitely be a solid. You know quarterback to for your team definitely. The bears are definitely going to have some good matchups this year. So you know if he has starting at that point e definitely gonna wanna start him. I think he's going to have a good year. And i feel like you know when you look at the weapons that he does have. He does have allen robinson. The tight ends are in bad. D'arno moody's enough incoming young receiver. So i feel like he does have stuff to work with. And i think that you know again. He's a quarterback he's gonna put up a lot of points. And yeah i. I think he's going to put up. More points than jared goff is going to this year just because i feel like the bears are better equipped at team than the lines are so yeah justin fields and other player on this list then moving on to the next player i got robert tongan and he was a guy that was a great waiver. Wire pickup for myself. I think he's definitely going to be a top five tight end this year if aaron rodgers obviously plays because you know we still don't know what the deal is with that situation whether he's going to come back or not as a green bay packer. I still think he is. I'm trying to be optimistic. But you know who knows but if he does play robert tanya is going to be a top five tight end again you know. He was a big red zone target. Aaron one of aaron rodgers favor weapons last year. And i feel like he's gonna be even better this year. If aaron rodgers doesn't play and look for him to be a guy that's going to be taken you know one of the top tight ends..

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