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That you that you are desperate and you don't have power so you need three items a ninevolt battery you need a lighter uh what do you call that the car charger that you know that you plug into your lighter the cigarette lighter yeah like the cigarette lighter you need that and then you need the spring you don't need from lyon penn you don't need the lighter just need that that hole right where you plug we you know a room no you need this yeah you need the charger like it's a charger that usually used to get into the the the lighter the car the cigarette lighter and then on the other side there's like a us b slot more to move said egan plug in you fawn will you need that little piece you need a ninevolt battery and then a pen like the old fashioned pens that you on screw it and then there's the spring inside queenie that spring it's really and then amazing is it and their tony you know would be helpful we able to post it no not yet it would be helpful what would be health he also have macgyver with you yes you'll came now your throats going minds bad sorry but short of that this is a trick that works the only downside of this trick is that it takes a while but if you're just sitting there in your house and you don't hand anything else to do because you just waiting without any power this is a fantastic trick so how can people see that now tony lozano tell bob in his ear what the status is of posting net on wlsamcom oh he will be there shortly oh it will be okay so you get it not at the moment i was trying to figure out how to send it to tony we'll get as it was on emily's facebook page will i had her text it to me so now i emailed it and texted it to tony the tech to a sheen azzam three 125 eighty nine hundred as alzawra phone number three one two five nine one eight nine hundred you can email us bob in marietta have wlsamcom what a mess earlier this morning north on the.

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