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It's interesting to compare especially to like the nineteen seventies nineteen sixties and seventies louis farrakhan the leader of the nation of islam he gets a total pass from the mainstream media a racist if ever there was one if the word does have meaning it certainly refers to him he he talks about the satanic jews he blamed the jews for nine eleven he called hitler a very great man and he goes white people devils yet the congressional black caucus plays nice with him there's even a photo of barack obama meeting with him all smiles in two thousand five and yet the mainstream media totally covered that up if racism is the issue if if we want to reduce racial bigotry which all people do old people of goodwill do i suppose why does louis farrakhan get a pass when i first moved to la back in nineteen eighty six to eight i started to listen to louis farrakhan because i had this anger and that time i had not overcome i have not had not forgiven my parents not overcome anger and so i listened to jesse jackson and louis farrakhan and others and in state of anger i thought that he was telling the true and i thought that about between blacks and whites because i believe that lie and at the time louis farrakhan would come to la he was speak at the form in inglewood california and he was saying that people were the first people on earth they very smart and then there are some people turn evil and went into a laboratory and created a white man and as a result we have the blue i double and that's how white people came about and he blamed jews for all the problems america calling them blessed second jews and how they control their and all that and we believed into that lie atop because there were no one sad that it wasn't true the black caucus representatives will go along with that and what they would teach him but i people.

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