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Having just barely come back to normal levels after last week's thrilling Opening day win at the Coliseum by alone point over Arizona State Today. The 2020 University of Southern California Trojan football team tries for a sweep of that state. They play the Arizona Wildcats in sunny warm to some with games nationally and within the conference being canceled or postponed, left and right s see faces a wildcat team that had their opener Koto. By the continuing and fast becoming more dangerous than ever. Coronavirus. So this for them is game number one. This week in Arizona Stadium. It won't be 100% empty like it was at the Coliseum last week. There won't be many fans, just some family members. That's about it. And yet, and yet, here we are in week two. Seal be favored to win the rest of their five regular season games and in doing so, should advance to the conference championship game in mid December. If there's anything we've learned since, say, mid March. It's that life and football and not necessarily in that order. We have to take things as they come at us one thing and one day and one moment at a time. And this moment and this day are upon us here right now is the Trojans take on the Arizona Wildcats. Good afternoon, everyone. Pete Arbogast, along with Shaun Cody. Sean last week, the Trojans got away with one. Let's be honest, although, although if you look at the total offensive defensive numbers, they're leading the conference in both statistical categories. So it was a matter of playing really well to start really wealthy and not so good in the middle of the ballgame. Today, They're going to face a different look in Arizona Wildcat team that gets up to the line of scrimmage. Really, really quick. They like to pass a little more than Arizona State, And I think maybe Arizona State didn't throw it as much. Tell me if you think this Their numbers in the passing game. We're not good 134 yards last week. Maybe because they were so successful at running the ball. They didn't decide They had to pass very much last week. That might not be the case today. Yeah, it was. It was a hard week, your first game of the year. Typically is a little bit of an outlier, you know, teams are trying to figure it out what they got going last week, We had a new officer coordinator on their side of the ball, a new defensive coordinator on there, so the ball and we had a new special team that defense coordinator So you're figuring out a lot of things in that game one. So I think everyone kind of gets that Mulligan if you if you didn't watch that game in last week, and you just put up those stats and some of the Trojans wanna tight one, a one point game there, you had no idea what really happened in that ballgame. I've talked to people who are like the chosen one of Taiwan staff were good. They they look like they played good on offense and defense. I've gotta win housing. Well, they've got some things to work on. Because if you watch a majority that From the maybe mid first quarter. On to the end of the game, you asked, you really had control that ball game running the ball. And defensively, even though U. S. He was putting on some stance. You bring up an interesting point, and I pose the question to coach helping in the pregame show just a few minutes ago. What about the fact that Arizona's playing their first game and as he's playing the second game of the season you mentioned you get a lot better. You have stuff. You look at you go. Oh, we stunk at this. We're going to get work at that practice this week, when you've only played zero games. You don't have that luxury doing that. Yeah, you don't have that. That warm up to watch. You don't have film to break down. That's what coaches love to see. They want film to break down in Arizona doesn't have that. Now you listen to coach out and he'll talk about Oh, we don't have any film on Arizona. But I think the advantage stills with USC and the fact that they got that first came in. They got some kinks out. They got the watch some film and make some corrections, so they know what they have. Arizona's going into this thing blind they got they got to figure out the fly, especially defensively under a new defensive coordinator, Paul Rhodes. What they want to do and how they want to take. The same thing will be your case next week when USC plays Utah excitement Well, first they they'll be on their first game and we'll be on our third. At that point there was, we will still won't have any film on Utah. Yeah, it's been lining up all right for the Trojans here face and maybe possibly three teams in a row who haven't played a game. I think that's advantage. Virgins. Alright. What happened last week against the run? Why did they get gas so badly? What happened outside the contained fields? Well, it really started in with the quarterback Jim and Daniels. You know, he was able to find some lanes in some poor Patrick's lanes for the Trojans led to some big pickups in the run game for Jalen Daniels, who wasn't wasn't comfortable throwing the ball last week and wanted to make those plays with his legs. And then in the run game. I thought the linebackers really struggled last week. You know, we heard a lot about going in the season. Hot Orlando talking about a probably a OT, OT and Raylan go forth going this season. Just a tough game for them kind of got lost in the shuffle a little bit lost in the mix, And that's when an issues running backs were able to find some gaps. Increase the Trojans in the run game. That's why I thought you saw that over 200 yards. It's never accepted for defense to give up over 200 yards rushing, And yet USC has rushed for 200 yards. It seems like every year against the Arizona Wildcats, so They're looking at that number in reverse. Grant Danel is a gun slinger if you are the all time high school passing.

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