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The FAA is not following the timeline for returning the aircraft for service FAA administrator Steve Dixon is a former delta executive the FAA faces an investigation itself over how it allowed the next chance to fly in the first place three hundred and fifty people died in two crashes outside of the U. S. do not buy an iPhone it right now say experts you should hold off because apple's new iPhones are coming out next month chase will wipe out some credit card holders debt forever up in Canada the US bank is leaving the Canadian market in just for giving all of that debt to get out of there quicker if you get an email or call and you're an American chase card holder you are probably being scammed on today's watch lists the July consumer price index that's a read on inflation and the Chicago world's fair of money opens with someone hundred million dollars worth of see on display so right now they're saying don't buy an iPhone well since the new ones come next month you'll likely either want the newest once you see them or you wanted older wanted a better price than you're gonna get right now and if you're planning to spend more than a thousand dollars on a new phone you're probably in the minority of buyers so you should at least get the best phone you can for that kind of money I phones are mostly made in China and yes new hire terrorists are going to be slapped on those phones September first but we're hearing apple is forecast to absorb those for consumers CNBC's Jessica Edinger it's twenty four pack when American morning continues there's car sharing why not backyard pool sharing after these messages one reason for thirty second audio tour of Ireland German castle German castle terming castle.

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