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Going to be hot. I think most of the points, and it'll stay under there you go. Right. Getting good enough for me. That's like a girl take the under sixty three and a half and roll the dice. I mean, what the heck was sports X, Michelle. It's always a roll the dice that. That's like a girl segment is just a classic. And we enjoy it because we are always entertained. All right. Mr physics. You're on the clock now NFL style. Nobody does it better. And usually Friday night some going rapid fire with you now Thursday out of go rapid fire. Steelers Browns opened six and a half down to four looks like Bel total forty four I'm going consensus wise, you could give us what you played or if you like this game at all. Wines moved but under forty four still good twenty mile an hour. Winds and rain weather forty Niners ad Vikings don't have to worry about whether there but Viking six and a half forty six as early time for San Francisco, and this is the worst week it after playing all the preseason game seven thirty Pacific play ten AM Pacific biking. How big is the loss of MacKinnon. I think it's pretty significant. I think that without their starting running back. You're putting a lot of pressure and Jimmy colts two and a half. There's some threes out there last I saw but their favorite at home, forty eight and a half dangles Andy Bengals a pretty impressive during the preseason. I know it's preseason. But I think we're overlooking. The Bengals I think the AFC north is rather pedestrian, although Cleveland will be on the rise. But I think Cincinnati's got a chance to surprise in that division. I think both Baltimore and Cincinnati of an opportunity to contend for a wild card. You don't know. What's going to happen? Steve with with Pittsburgh bell situation. It could be a situation, for example this week against Cleveland where the offense of linemen et cetera made their disgust with bell apparent at maybe they rally around his replacement and say we can win without you love in. And know this could be a game that determines the fate of not just Pittsburgh Baltimore and Cincinnati throughout the course of the season. I liked the fact that my Bengals are being considered as a divisional contender. But I agree that they are playing very well. In preseason, Ken. I would grab that poetry and Cincinnati before one of the better hits in the secondary of this game. So far Lanta good jarring of the ball. Pops in the air. Intercepted. And Atlanta Jones gets the intercepted not Julio Jones. The other Jones on defense. Atlanta has the ball. Now inside Scillies 35-yard-line. We'll keep an eye on his game. Again, right now, it is still then six Philadelphia leading fourth quarter action. And they'll Mark ball inside the thirty. And so we'll see what happens on this drive. All right says what about bills and ravens ravens favored, seven and a half forty and a half. And we know that, you know, Josh Allens not gonna be starting there for the Buffalo Bills. So McCarron's now a member of the raiders. So I don't know about this buffalo team talk to me. Well Peterman played very well in preseason. But that's the only positive I can give you on Buffalo's five on Baltimore during the summer and the play under forty three at the current numbers. I think he could still tease Baltimore. All right seizing Baltimore interested in that. In fact, I think I've already done that. All right. Can't disagree with you. There. Jackson giants. Andy you like this game Jackson giants because a lot of optimism from our neck of the woods back in New York. New Jersey was Barkley coming over. I liked it a lot better when I was able to get plus four with the giants about a month ago. But I still think the giants are Steve I throw out last year season for the giants. Everything went wrong beginning with what they didn't do in the previous offseason, then is addressed the issues on the offensive line. Now, they did that this off season. Not just with the acquisition, the free agent acquisition of solar the drafting of Barclay allies. Got his full complement of receivers healthy right now. Jacksonville made a tremendous improvement last year going from three wins two years ago to ten wins last year. I know Caughlin is coming back in his departure from the giants wasn't all that that positive but going to block and tackle on Sunday. The right side with the giants giants dimension lots of acquisitions on offense Jaguars lose all their wide. Receivers. Giants win the game. All right. Tend to six Philly but Atlanta having Coleman's gotten in the end zone. So it is twelve ten extra point pending with nine forty eight to go fourth quarter action, and again, keeping an eye now on that total as the extra point is up and hits the upright, and is no good. So it is twelve to ten at Landes is exactly what you wanted. It. Takes the score off a possible overtime. Then it had been thirteen ten. There you go. All right. So we'll keep an eye on how this plays out. Then again under ten minutes to go twelve ten falcons extra point. No, good doing. So off the upright, Ken Thompson and years. Go live at mcfadden's right down here town square, and Mr. Steve fezzet joining us on the pregamEcom celebrity guests line says buccaneers saints. We know James Winston saints up to ten someplace forty nine and a half your take on this one. That's a lot of points. I know Kamara zehr Ingram suspended your take on this one. Got nothing on the next two games. I pass on. All right. So this one's a pass. And then Texans and patriots with the pats. Mine is six six and a half fifty and a half the total. Andy anything on that one with Brady? You know, I'm gonna I'm gonna wait and see if the public and pushes went up to seven be happy to take seven with the Texas. They nearly beat the patriots up there last year early in the season. And in fact, the patriots had a come from behind. I could see this as a potential preview of the AFC championship games. I think overall these teams are amongst the best. If the Texas to stay healthy with Watson at quarterback merciless, and what on defensive those three can stay healthy. This could be a good season for the Texans. All right says what about the titans on the road at Miami, forty fives, the total but one and a half the titans clinging to that short favorite. What about the dolphins any chance? They get that home. When we need something to tease Baltimore with. I think Miami's a good candidate. I do like Miami upgrade with tannahill and Tennessee you strip out those three wins against backup quarterbacks in division. Six and seven out gained by outscored pardon me by fifty one point last year. I like Miami, by the way, Steve. What do you make of a team like Tennessee that had back to back winning seasons? Think back to back nine and seven seasons. Make the playoffs in the second year and fire the coach who was there for just those two seasons. I just don't know what's going on internally between the coach and the GM and the owner. So I don't have enough information to really decide whether it's a good move or not. All right says and move on down chiefs and chargers stubhub center charges up to three and a hook forty eight the total value there on Kansas City. And what about a six and a half point teaser taking Casey plus ten only when I get to go three two three and through the seven, and I never. Do any other teasers and the question for me in this game is what is the chargers home field advantage? Will there? Be more charger fans will there'd be more chief fans if the churches have the true home field, they're cheap. If Kansas City has the home field. Then Kansas City is the right side. Interesting game last year. The chargers didn't really have much of a home field. They lost one of the early games. I think didn't they lose like two or three straight at home. Then go nine and three the rest of the way. I'll tell you what if that lying can go down to three maybe there's a little interest in the chargers. Remember chiefs have beaten the chargers eighth straight times coming in with a new quarterback with Mahomes. Maybe the chargers who had one of the best pass defense in the league last year might be able to create some problems for the young quarterback. There. You going into Neo gates was signed to help out Virgil green. At that tight end position with the loss of hunter Henry Seahawks and Broncos Broncos a three point favorite now in the mile high city, forty two and a half where are you with this Bronco team in case keenum? Fez, huge upgrade, obviously a quarterback with keenum versus an injured Simeon or goodness. The ostrich or whoever else say throughout their Denver weeks one and two as they host thirteen hundred one straight up. This makes sense to me the more. I thought about it. Altitude if you're not in game shape, and these players aren't yet not having played much in preseason Denver's the worst city in the NFL to have to play. I like Denver at home. Yeah. That makes a lotta sense Cowboys Zeke back Prescott's there. No Dez no Whitten Panthers. Minus three forty two the total against the Cowboys at Carolina Cowboys have to injuries on the old wine. Carolina lost their best offensive linemen. And they have three injuries makes sense to me with all those problems to go under all right next game on the docket Redskins in Arizona Cardinals. Now, the wife, of course, Christina she lives there in Phoenix. And her brother Danny's like the biggest cardinal guy. And all he tells me about his cardinals are going here. They're doing that. And look I'm not saying Josh Rosen is not going to be good. But Bradford's there. Now, David Johnson looks to be healthy. I love FitzGerald. The guy's a gamer talk to me about this cardinal team. Are they underrated? What about the Redskins? Are they going to be any good right now we've seen that line? Go to the cardinals are a one point favorite forty three and a half. The Redskins will do what they always do and win about seven games. I do think with Bradford he'll probably get hurt sometime by Halloween. But while he's in there. He's a certainly a capable quarterback. Steve Wilks at minded brand new coach Aaron's loved Chuck the ball all over the place even with backup quarterbacks with an upgraded quarterback. I leaned Arizona. I certainly like the under with the new quarterbacks Andy Iskoe Sunday night football. Green Bay at home. We've got no Jordy Nelson. But they did bring Jimmy Graham over the bears do have Khalil Mack. But don't know if he'll be ready to go Sunday night game right now Green Bay, seven and a half forty seven and a half, Andy where are you? And then ask fez where he's at well high probably won't play this game. I'd like to be able to take the bears line has already gone down from at least eight to seven and a half. Maybe it'll go back up. I do expect MAC to play at least in some capacity. Wouldn't be surprised if the bears give him a game. But I I don't think Steve that I would like to play it. If I don't get the eight that we could have had just a few days ago. Yeah. My gut says bears and actually looked at my power ratings. My powering don't support the playoff path. All right. The Monday night. We got the double header jets at lions lions six and a half forty five. Darnold era starts for the jets lions though at home. I mean, a lot of people looking to tease the lions maybe the lions with those ravens. What about it? Tough game. I gotta tell you. I was on the lions during the summer, but after watching their defense during preseason, I don't want them anymore. I pass the I was gonna say something Stephen, I don't know if you put any stock in this we know that Bill Belichick disciples, and of course, Matt Patricia now the new coach at Detroit have not fared, well when they've been elevated, the head coaches of other organizations. However, this is one game. Matt Patricia very familiar with the exception of darnold with a lot of that jet personnel from his years at New England. And I'm wondering how much that's similiarity might help Detroit at least in this one game, especially when you consider Bella success over the years and picture shows part of it going against rookie quarterbacks. And this is the rookies quarterbacks I start, but I don't think they really had much success against the jets, especially when they played at the Jetsons. A good point, Andy, I certainly don't want any part of a rookie quarterback on the road in rabid Monday night football road experience, it's not a rookie. A rookie at USC come on Sam darnold for the love of God. I agree with you guys. I mean, I think the kids can have some trouble there in the motor city. What about Rams and raiders it's four forty eight and a half. Look, you're a realist, I am too. We know the raiders are going to be here in a couple of years..

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