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To the products and services and the strategies that would really be in your best interests so again just a couple key questions to tasca's i referred to earlier what licences you hold are you how to a fiduciary standard and asset financial professional to really defined with those standards are and then you'll know i believe with a a degree of russia terrance what kind of financial professional you're working with and whether they're held to fiduciary standard are are simply a a suitability standard so hopefully find is very relevant as you're think about your retirement situation and if you're nearing or maybe you're already en route tyumen i think it's really important that you have an ally that you can count on a financial professional with of a focus on retirement income generation new and nextgeneration strategies but also someone who knows and understands the investment landscape and at least half strategic partnerships that will help you to feel confident of what your future will look like when you integrate income planning and investment planning pay attention to your tax strategy healthcare planning and what what's going to be left behind so i want to invite i too to give us a call at the singer financial group and come in and visit with us and validate if you will that if you will our process syrup to singer financial group if you have at least three hundred.

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