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Singer. Actually cold kristina train of she goes blue note she choose out touring with herbie hancock on fiddling singing so she's a very talented musician <hes> but she did an album with blue note and then she could <unk> our album. He's got signed with was mercury records at the time in england and so i got to to do that <hes> thing i was really cool that project <hes> she got like playlist got to you know she pretty well in your it didn't fully kickoff which was a real shame but anyway we did a lot of the really big media chris <hes> in in in england and <hes> one of the things we did was this series that they had at abbey road on channel four wannabe t._v. stations where they had you know an artist's coming to a road and then they film bitten recorded recorded and then it was on t._v. Whatever and that was my first time. I've been to <hes> since then but that was my first time at bureau. That was a that at again. One of those things things were like yup abbey road's beatles blocking most my most recent one blabbering on here yeah but i am no by all means but my route. I just appreciate you know is the kind of things that i mean. I try to appreciate those moments now more than ever because you know it's like i feel like sometimes life is as a musician is like you know five percents amazing freaking moments that you will cherish forever and then like ninety five percent grind you know it's like lychee or travel you know fifty percent travel which also can be kind of like to grind while while i travel but like but at the most recent good one <hes> the moment that i had was in last year in october. I did some shows on my own in my own name and playing like you playing solo also played with them. Some other guitarist actually played ablett guy called. Mike dole's oh yeah. He's awesome finger. Snow your like one of the top like figure solitude. We've you've really hit it off and we actually we ended up collaborating on a <hes> on some songs that night our a few nights actually <hes> and we've also just recorded in the studio. We've just recorded a song together that will come out soon cool l. as well but this was in colombia along bia at like this guitar festival in columbia and and we had i had some great moments him but also had some moments where i was on my own just doing my music in front of like it was like the two best nights were like those an out doors geic where i got this idea to make make loop out of the ending of one of my songs and then just 'cause i just seen all these finger style guys interacting with the audience and being like the one of the other guys was thomas league. If you know that guy is one of the oji like finger style foods from the nineties but let 'em he was pretty amazing like dealing with the crowd and whatnot so i was like i like going to step up and do something here like these guys so it's like an open air thing like a lot of people but people up for it and it's just me and a guitar loop so like what can i do so i started doing this..

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