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Trying to figure out what to have for the banquet for vice president biden and all the other dignitaries he later becomes the ceo of the largest oil company in russia it's called rosneft eager such oh yes so being putin's friend thirty years ago paid on big time yeah but i want to just before we talk about what what wrong remember what went right like we didn't win the cold war and maybe we played a role in the margins but the real winners of the cold war were these people demanding democratic society and lithuanians and ukrainians georgians to write without that and without gorbachev and yeltsin there's no end of the cold war so those were great days in fact i remember very vividly i was sitting at the moscow city council my friend and he's still my friend back to that mich nader's his name he was one of the main campaign guys just sitting across from you i'm reminded they got campaign folks to they got their axelrod's and he was one of them and he was in charge a part of the inner team for president yeltsin's i a successful election in june nineteen ninetyone for president he wins pretty handily beat beat six candidates so there's not a run off and the week before that election they're going over their numbers right there looking and in the says to me mike we got this enhanced this visit we've won i don't know exactly when but our side will prevail the coup took place two months after that but the coup was defeated because he had democratic legitimacy had he not won that election think of the counterfactual had he not had that mandated the people when he goes to the white house to stand up and say we are not going to listen to these commands the white house from moscow the white house in moscow where the russian government wasn't the time the soviet government was in the kremlin the white house was where the russian government is and for.

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