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That'd be your new much mike. Move out you move to to vancouver and you join that metal band. Yeah and i was. I think i was after we did a little stint in so we went on the road. Actually so the second. I got out of high school The the band pretty much. The same mike in ryan guitar player were in that band. Is well our cousin was drumming They were just waiting for me to get out of high school so we could go on the road and play cover tunes all over all over half acre and We did that for a few years. And you get really good at You just stand up there in front of people and either have love. You hate you and you know. Acdc here whatever just having him yell at you and it that like it just doesn't phase after while you just get really good and yet other than you get. Good at is you. Start to realize What will package dancefloor you know. And and and what demographic college crowd coming in you just you would instantly just you know we call an audible bam we just have them all just jumping you know or would seal of an older crowd being able to read the room That was great. And so for a couple years We did that. And then our singer. Very stereotypically Fell in love with a stripper and moved to toronto. Annual will hold on hold on a peeler but sorry ask this guy. Data a dealer Evidently found her very. He found her very appealing so.

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