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And i think probably the other component of it which was in a way was explicit it got me thinking about the trajectory of american global power and nine eleven clearly was an event in that trajectory i think the ramifications of that event were still seeing now so i think those were the kind of intellectual thoughts and then viscerally which is often what it really comes down to for me i just had a kind of longing to be there uh and and especially to to use the new are in some way to get at that kind of the urban nece of that war experience in new york so you mention of mostly from dole and one of the first things we see the breathing character and doing is we knew from her interior the two luke russe mrs ago when foresee flirt made the scene than anna did not want anything more than a foresee flirt doll so much so the description is that her desire stuck inside her and now is still there floor see flirt is no longer played with by the little girl who anna visits in the first chapter i'll take it she says i don't play with it and a hall batallion of untrue res precede unto old for dolls is one of them she's nine the hum little friend is eight the woman who is cold their nurse says taken interior almost violently they have so many toys they don't know what to do with them they never play with them and.

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