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You know it was like this frenetic energy to try though they weren't doing good and you know he was yeah I remember he hold hello my fingers and other people's fingers over flames the candle it's like his condition us to not feel pain and it was just in and I from the time I left the desert with Bobby I felt like kind of like a salmon swimming upstream but not on but I was going that was going in the wrong direction yeah his eyes rocks the trees everything was calling out to me that I'd made a mistake and when I got to the Gresham street which I didn't know anything about Gresham street because I thought we were going to go to Spahn ranch and Gresham street with you know like a mile or two from Spahn ranch in Canoga park and he was just furious with me I'm taking you back to your parents going to find your parents on taking back to your parents and he did find them and he did take me back there and at that point I'd been literally too long heard too many of those songs that's all I had going on in my head and I just felt again rejected a my parents were now my mom had not re married but you know she and my dad read definitely separated them you know she was with another man and they were like boarding parents for an alternative high school so they had all these other kids my same age basically living.

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