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You bring everybody in that way these himself still the ranks with it and and and again in settle a is about the dollar the bottom line and if the end if it comes down the bottom line are always looking always to make more enough to say don't one fargo but yeah i mean this is the nc doubly tournaments here to right i mean i and stuff so you chills arena they do a hell of a job that i so i don't want to be a slight it that was just the fact that we're talking what nc doubly harkey you could fill the twenty thousand seat venue in far go this weekend's right guaranteed to bring up people klein those tickets so and again comes out of the bottom line is a great venue i mean interest like the old ralph it's like go where sports clayton very intimate very loud they were i've never heard a chance of su forever is loud does it was after that the that the ninety beat st cloud but again in a bigger facility bigger venue would be pretty awesome but it's can be a great great environment on friday i wish i could get there to travel stunner so if the so well you if you can't get so you know who can right away you know i had i had a couple would be awesome you because this is you'll be in this business yes i might have a better chance of getting you superbowl tickets and february us next by mike stew's as i have to students my son and daughter at the university north dakota so i don't have an extra fondling understand the additional funds needed to criticism for taking mostly as our that's a very giveaway putting that yes well and i guess it kind of comes down to the we we're not going to make you predictions because is i mean you're all the puck gotten so you know goals are you know one thing i will protect someone's in a win someone's in a lose right we know.

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