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At the end of the game and I want to start with that because they refuse to speak to the media after the match go to take this on a well spiky before the game is well when people pointed out. Oh look you're going out and signing everybody's like baller signed half of Madrid. Don't expect miracles but the reality is I think what is most upset about is obviously louder now facing a possible two-match ban because of his attitude toward referee. That would mean that they he would miss not just the next game name but the Milan Darby as well and obviously angry because once again it's points dropped and the fact that into dropped point after taking the lead. This is a team that for whatever reason in the last twenty twenty five minutes tends to lose it. What's going on gap as you say? This is becoming a pattern of warring starring Patterson well so the stock explanation that Konta gives his people need to work work work and we need to play in high speed. We need to be intense towns Blah Blah Blah and. I don't have the players to be intense for ninety minutes. He's probably right on that front. Will we have seen a drop of intensity. And we've also seen in situations I think in the past one because of injuries at the play the same is over and over again and they're not exactly spring chicken so they would take it down a notch and they would would pay for it Laden Games but you know what there's more than one way to play football. It's more than one way to skin a cat you can go out there and figure Out a different way of playing. Where maybe you kind of managed to gain better and you don't have to run yourself into the ground because even nine goal was and it was unlucky in those the deflections and whatever else I mean that was a result of Stefano scenes you had wrought himself into the ground not being able to get in position to to to go and in defending the pre much press conferences? No for county should be. Are you going to do much. Brace confidence because I've seen it before is attached and some some sense. The team is a mirror image of we saw military Martinez Air. But he's punchy. The Coaches Punch Vice. The way they operate no they're gonNA have to Qatada if only go all the way because you've got people without discipline on a regular basis. The other reason it had been so frustrated because not point he he was probably sure in his head. That event is we're going to pick up all three points and Naples what state doesn't however however the recent form is warrior in terms of them all the way pushing event is right to the end the kind of afford to keep dropping points. Because I don't think event this will continue to and by the time you see teams mirror image of Antonio Conte I just fine and especially given his tetanus God puts it you given the pleasant excuse abuse to be second best lead on this understand how you play and everything that goes into you dropping off in the last twenty twenty five minutes. But to Tagab gobs point you mentioned player signings and all of a sudden you throughout as as an execution we really not that good. I mean eventually that tells would play his own mentality. Meanwhile Napoli against the events us. We didn't get to say this very simple. What a good week? It's been phenomenally Gab. Warm warm we're the of course that has a knock on effect because it was a good week for for injuring lots and they would never expected it but they both gained point on you like it was obviously very very emotional. Night for Naples is one of those nights when this bottle really comes alive like very few other stadiums in the world they were busy abusing Gonzalo even before the game name. And of course Modise Assadi Gede Up Tuesday when it comes to chest-beating and motivating in need extreme situations. That's something he does very very well and they were. They were orderly at the back. You've created very little in the first half and I think that's got to be a concern because we seen. Can you play really well. They did it mid week and then it seems like they take one step forward and then they take another step back because what they produced against Napoli simply isn't good enough. I mean what's before you get into shows me spilling and and seniors great finish. Your these are games that you saw in the illegally era. They would somehow out out while maybe not playing. Great the reality here. They didn't play great and they didn't get away with it and I think that's what's different. This can't become a pattern for you there otherwise otherwise the race is still very much on and understand the chesapeake and understand. Could choose again. Napoli up for the experience. You've Eisai initially used to that but they cook completely flat today. I mean they just had A. They had a day. Where did not play as well as the hub and the GOP said not we? They were very well organized. Leave too many jobs. The cocktail gave it just a few chances and they created chances themselves so they themselves actually hit one of the Games. And you know it's not great if you've ever event this but I think almost everybody was sitting watching the result was going on with that. Event is way even even at that point six points or some. WHO's going to call them back? But I think you can see that the mom to say the ones we are in terms of right via gonNa go away straight to the end of the season the not going to be dropping points. I just don't think salaries gotland not convinced at the moment. And that's the hopeful. The those around the the thing for me is an listen. We've been seeing that you've been playing well for quite some time then began results. I was again evidently. I mean you look at your vendor simply too often often but not just playing these long up from the backwards not be doubled real easily and I thought monopolies football from back to front was a whole lot better. They were by far battery. Two teams but from eventers perspective. Sh actually didn't have a whole lot to do until that senior shot that that he made an absolute mess of so so in that respect that we're getting event is doing as we've seen eventers do pretty much all season long but they make a mistake. Nappy Napoli make a Cohn. And then there was no unsearchable eventers and until until late on is always the on switch for the serial podcast even the more reasons and joining this week. cavs off a mystery guests. Louis joined them. Be sure to check it out the cabin Gills podcast drops tomorrow be sure to check it out over on the website. Well that brings us to the end of today's edition. ESPN AFC thank you very much to Craig to Shack Gab. Got mentioned at the top of the show. 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