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Yes, that's a good sign down. Morning skate going on. So it looks like there will be action later on tonight. Columbus still in town after the game the other day on Friday evening. 21. Columbus went over the Blackhawks to the Blackhawks can do If I'm the Hawks at Lincoln and played pretty well, the other day you go, Lincoln interview. Go Suman today. Ah, I would go like as a Hawks fan. I think you just watched me like it that you're wanting to think I think Lincoln and has emerged as number one in Sudan. The guy to go to give him some rest. You still have Delia, But you know you don't. Yeah, I think he Yeah, I used to spend time in Rockford Rockford season, I think is about to get underway. Um, given has some of the lower like the wolves are playing their games at a smaller arena. They're not going to be at the Allstate Arena. No fares allowed right and I also saw the television is you're going to see the games on H l t v dot com But they won't have a regular TV station like they've had in the past because the facility doesn't Lend itself to television. So interesting. Yeah, I've got some friends over at the ice hogs. I haven't talked to them lately. I should probably catch up with them to see how they're handling this. I will tell you and people know this if they've read my Twitter or my, um Facebook over the last couple of months. My father passed away in December. But back in the day he was the executive producer of Chicago Bulls in the Chicago Cougars. Which was a WH, a hockey team that played at the international amphitheater when they made the playoffs One year they couldn't use the amphitheater because it was concerts or something else was going on. They played They're two playoff games and what was called the Abaco couple back. Then, instead of the Stanley Cup, Posey of Coke up against the Houston Arrows were at at the Rand. Hearst went ice arena. Right, and it was on television. So you could make it happen? Yes, you can make. That's why it was kind of surprising to me when I saw that, because all the advancements in TV It might just be too difficulty too expensive, but it had to be right now. That's key, right? They're expensive, and you know what people have been. I'm not totally sure, but you know, it's been skeleton staff for a lot of organizations. Since covert so, Yeah, So it's gonna be really interesting to see how exactly it all works out. They were at my TV and now they're not gonna be able to sell tickets and things were gonna change a little bit so that zoo wolves how he'll hear more that the hockey show right as far as Kobe a couple more players as of yesterday on the cove in 19 list. Bow down and Carpenter. So that adds to the other three that we talked about. It was Wal Mart both Qu'est in to break it to break it. Obviously we have resource is down. I 90 in in Rockford. But this is only the start It Z the seasons early. I mean, this is gone. Oh, the new norm. And right now, the Hawks are hit pretty bad compared to other teams. Well, they're well doubt Dallas was really bad. They didn't start their season until right. Yeah, for a couple of weeks. I'm saying this is the cycle around the league. There's no way that they're going to keep this. How did the NFL do it with more players? I mean, is it just because they had more players? You know they were 53 men roster. They have a couple players. Go down. Look, Denver played without a quarterback. One game. You know, all of their quarterbacks were down because they were the quarterback room. One guy got it. Contact tracing the other guys were all down s O. They played without a quarterback one time. Now you have you know the Blackhawks. They can't bring a guy up here. Bring a guy up there. The MBA has had situations with smaller, smaller rosters where they don't go sometimes because Because of things like that. But Celtics had a few games canceled. Yeah, Celtics have some of the other NBA teams have, so we'll see. I mean, they're all trying to get through it, and we talked a little bit yesterday. About when baseball's going to start. They keep saying that baseball will start on time. But then, um Maricopa County in Arizona said, Well, you know, it would be better if you guys didn't start the Cactus League play. On time. So that was scheduled to start late in February, which usually it starts the second week of February. With pitchers and catchers reporting and things like that, right there, no fans. They're not even considering fans. I hope I don't know if they are not when we just seems like take the fans off the table. Yeah, just take it off the table. That's easy. What you think, but I don't know if you saw this, and the Super Bowl of NASCAR racing is always the first race of the year, which is confusing. Daytona announced the other day that they expect around 30,000 fans to attend. The 500 on February 14. Well, they all show up here. I know someone who has tickets. Oh, yeah, And they gave him up there like we're not going this year. Yeah, Yeah, they're not going because of the obvious. So, yeah, they're gonna let 30,000 and we'll see how many show up it says here that would be the largest U S sporting event since the pandemic began. I know that the Cowboys have packed packed in Dallas is, you know Cowboys Stadium for some of their games to sully, not $30,000 and all they put up a lot in there. I thought I saw a number of earlier that it was pretty close. It was 20 something, if not more. So you know, I know there'll be people for the Super Bowl, too. I think you're gonna have 20,000 of the Super Bowl down in Tampa at the end, and like 7600 of them are going to be Yeah. First responders and things like that. Yeah. Vaccinated for a I think it's 18,000 total with 7500. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. So you know, my thing was Wait a minute again. Can we give them season tickets later? We kind of still need them. Yeah, well, she was the Blackhawks were in Nashville, though. I mean, there were fans and dash. Yes, they need a day off their fans in Florida. I mean, like any of the sporting events in Florida, I think have fans just smaller amount. And it's you know, I will be surprised at all this question came up a while ago. But when they allow fans to come in, first of all, the question is, When will they allow fans to go to games here in Chicago? And when they do, Will you be willing to go? Because the Packers did they had like a 9000 people for their two games near the end of the year that spread out TV wants the city to Grable. There is a number I would I I'd like to believe that there is a number for every stadium where everybody can spread out evenly and give people space. I mean the Daytona 500. I can't remember how much that track holds, but I think there could be able to spread out. They should. Yeah, most of those most of those holding 100,000, plus the way they could spread about, I think s O. B. There'll be a lot of people and you figure it's along. Stands your long at those kind of places we could find out what that both sides with the capacity is for Daytona 500. But yeah, there's a lot to discuss. We've got bulls to talk about black hawks, who are skating today. Their morning skate is going out at the United Center will talk some Cubs and sacks both the Cubs of sacks full picking up pictures yesterday. White sacks with a familiar pitcher..

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