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That's easy, something that's always easy is talking with Jason Gerhard, who joins us from Cincinnati right now, where the Bangles host Andy Dalton and the Cowboys. Good afternoon, Jason, How are you? Hey, good afternoon to you're rich and you hit the nail on the head here and a game that the otherwise looks like 23 wins teams or two and a three wins team. The interesting subplot here today, Andy Dalton, returning to Paul Brown Stadium. The first time as a visitor, Andy Dalton 41 wins that Paul Brown Stadium still more than any other quarterback, and he's still fondly remembered here, let it leading the team to the playoffs the first five seasons. As a pro. But here as the visitor today, as I mentioned in the both teams, backup quarterbacks and beat up offensive lines, no Dak Prescott, no job burrow, so it'll be Brandon Allen and Andy Dalton today. And an Allen has not been very good as the quarterback for the Bangles since Joe Burrow went down. The offensive scored two touchdowns in the 10 quarters since Burrows been out, but if they're ever going to break out of that slump today might be the day the Cowboys defense dead last in the NFL, given up 32 points a game. 200 yards rushing allowed for a game since their bye week. They have struggled, but the Bangles will they be able to take advantage of that they will not have Joe Mixon. Today, Geo Bernard will be the primary tailback. The Bengals running backs of tally just 64 yards. In the 10 quarters since the borough injury. Not very good cowboy offense will be bolstered by Ezekiel Elliott. Today looks like he's been cleared to play. He should be good to go and the Bangles run defense, the poorest 29th. In the league. Interesting on the inactive today. Rich Bangles kicker Randy Bullock a healthy scratch. They're going to go with Austin Sybert picked him up 10 weeks ago. First time they're gonna give him some game action, so we'll see how that goes also starting left guard Michael Jordan bench today. Another healthy scratch and the injured kick returner Brandon Wilson. He'll be out today he's led the NFL in kick returns, so the Bangles could use some short field by his returns. But that won't happen today. Obviously And the other speculations. Zach Taylor Foreign 23 2 seasons. Will he get a third year? Well, with games against the Steelers, Texans and Ravens coming up? This may be the last chance. The panda that win total here in 2020. We'll see how that goes. Weather looks good, Low forties today. No precipitation coming. Should be a good afternoon for football. Well, we like to hear that and something you touched upon just a couple of moments ago. Before we get to the Andy Dalton reunion is the future of Zach Taylor. What would be the arguments for other than continuity to keep him? The argument for would be. I think the job borrow injury team was awfully competitive. And still Joe Borough got hurt. They were in a lot of games. On as you mentioned Continuity, Same system for borough coming back next year. You know the multitude of injuries I think could be in his corner. But again the case against that they've lost a lot of close games. A lot of games were maybe a Difference and coaching may have made the difference. I think they have one win in two years in games decided by less than a touchdown. Look one in 14 something like that. So it has not been good, but we touched on it before Mike Brown's not quick to pull the trigger on these things. Actually even get 1/5 season. So if I were a betting man, I would say Zach Taylor will be back for a third year. In Andy Dalton. How How is his tenure looked upon now in Cincinnati? Um, you know, this is a guy who had you know, he's he's linked with Marvin Lewis. And obviously they had success probably is great successes as the Bengals or sustained success of the Bangles have had They just never got over the hump. And I think I think Dawn to some extent takes unfair criticism for that. Yeah, You know, I think a lot of that last year he was kind of the fall guy. Everyone was trying to run him out of town. When it looked like it was obvious they were going to get the number one pick. You know, like anything After a separation like that The remembrance seems to be a bit fonder. Lot of Remember in the media this week with Andy Dalton, leading them to 70 wins over his tenure here, 41 of Paul Brown Stadium. You know, he and he was big in the community here. They touched on that in the press conference this week. You know, I think the return of Andy Dalton certainly coming, You know, just a year after he left the team a different type of experience, certainly this year than it was last year when he was Being run out of town. And, you know, I think, Andy to his credit, they said all the right things this week, and I'm sure he's excited to be back here plan against his old team. I'm kind of curious to see where his career goes from here, though it has been a rough season. As we mentioned he's had a concussion he had about with the coronavirus. But at this point it and you gotta figure it's gonna be a very healthy quarterback market in the off season. It's gonna be hard for him to find the starting job, especially one with a contender next year. Yeah, And he hasn't been good for the Cowboys. But let's not forget their offensive line situations just been terrible. And I think you have to factor that in but you're right Riches at Prescott comes back. You gotta figure and he's probably searching for a backup job somewhere else again next year, But, you know, he's just what its 10th year in the leg. I think there's still some gas in the tank there. And, you know, obviously those of us here in Cincinnati to get to know him over the years. I wish them nothing but the best. One forward for sure. The other side will be interesting to watch because the Cowboys have obviously not played well. There have been several issues but among them the fact that Questions about effort with this team. Yeah, and they were called out a couple times by some prominent media members and your Hickman was one of them talking about some of the effort and you know when you're giving up 200 yards a game on the ground since the bye week, I mean, that's that's certainly has to raise some questions there. About the effort defensively there. I think it's the highest number of points and yards the Cowboys have given in their franchise history, and they have not been good on the defensive side of the ball. That certainly doesn't bode well for coach McCarthy and his first year, you know, getting these type of Accusations of players not given effort. So we'll see. You got two teams going nowhere today. Um, we'll see what can effort both sides put up today? Well, that's certainly when you find out who the guys are you want to keep in there? Yes. Are there won't be back next? No doubt about it. So absolutely, Jason. Thanks for checking in greatly appreciated. We will talk shortly after kick off a little more than half All right, Jason Erhard in Cincinnati and has been a tough year for the Bangles. And, of course, Andy Dalton, who had was a reminder of happier times..

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