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How do you have a Dulcinea and by having a young girl from this village play? Play the young the girl in the film. Whatever whether she results didn't matter but what that did how she went off to become a star and and ended up being an escort eventually a tart and basically the kept woman of a rich oligarch so she became Dulcinea? Because because Dulcinea in Keighley's world is a really basically a horse who she is and he's he's innocent attitude towards her is. Such is an untouchable thing but we had one ended up with a character who was touchable in the end and in the end. Nobody's actually made any comments about about as Cayote and the news on nucleoside in new Sancho Panza ride off into the sunset Sanchez L.. Woman what is it. What does this mean is an asset? Well maybe she'll turn into cayote this. I don't know the the film. I think the problem for the film for me was kind of like Adam. The expectations people for twenty five years. So it's going to be great. It's gotTa me phenomenal. Why does it have to be great? Why isn't it just the latest film I did and that is? It's not like I had the perfect script and we just had to get it right it. It was just trying to do something that made a film about Donkey Odi whatever and we ended up with a very different story with very different people. And it's better than what we set out to do. But that's necessary what people think that I I just like. I don't want people to have expectations when I go to Bubis and I just wanted to. We agree we say that mantra of ours actually So when you get to see this film folks wipe the slate clean. Yeah that's that's what Terry's asking you because there's been too many reviews who whatever they're saying in the review the last paragraph starts with wasn't really worth Earth waiting thirty years and you know what the answer is going to be. There was one review that said yes but most of you know you know the answer and that's the problem I keep saying it's not a film that I'm wrote thirty years ago that I have. It's a something we worked on an ended up making a film couple years ago and finished budget on time. Yes that's all on budget on time. Ladies and gentlemen but ladies and gentleman not and you find it for have you seen this. We don't want to talk about distribution you do. Oh No let's not keep your eyes and ears open and and Sooner or later through the new means we have now now streaming and downloading and And even old fashioned. DVD's and BLU rays. I believe in those much more than streaming Is the quality's better and you can. I can see it again and now the problem. I think the other thing about so many films Don Quixote falls into that category. It's better the second time and I've heard it from friends. It's really always bothers me because a friend who's worked on many of my films saw Quixote London Film Festival and and she didn't say much outdoors but as usual people. Don't make you feel good. An we had another screening more recently and she saw it again. Should I have to admit Oh. I saw the first time. I didn't get it. I really didn't get Terry. I didn't know what you're doing. I saw it the second time. It's the best film you've ever made. I don't agree with her on either later but it's nice that that affected it happened. Untied Land is same thing because Thailand is a film that is a disturbing film because because it's disturbing and I was issued in Paris about the French journalists had watched it and he I said Okay I saw it. I thought it was terrible. I hated it and then I said and they said because I knew I was going to have to interview you today. I watched the second time. It's wonderful and that's really interesting and a lot of my films have been like that. Where what if? I don't understand what it is. People are expecting expecting the first time because I'm not delivering. What they're expecting is all I know but if they like it enough to look again yeah now I get it? It's just great. It's wonderful that you've arrived at this moment and of course you had your moment when you got a standing ovation at can. I'm sure that was in minutes but no even that see nothing is satisfying. We're getting unbelievably unbelievable. Is the longest in the history of Coun- close and I'm standing doing all byles. Is it about the film or the fact that I I finally made. It is about endurance or the quality of what they just saw. And I still don't know maybe it's everything or nothing. They say they had to fill out. That would be a two-minute standing. I would reckon for fifty best. What are you doing thank you well? We can't thank you enough for stomach. Today Cherries thanks And we love you we love your work and And we encourage people to keep their eyes and ears open. Yes the man who killed Don Quixote. Auty thank you and your social media human. I get on my facebook and post things and let the world know because I've been surrounded especially on this film with some of the worst distribution on the planet and people have no idea. The film is even out there. So I put it on for the fans these to hopefully go and see it and it's this is a new world and skyguide. I think it's very difficult for any independent filmmaker now because the independent distributors distributors do not have the money anymore and they're fighting studios ill-spent eighty million promoting a film Omar and they don't have the money and they keep. Ah they talk about. Oh but people follow our social media. We do it on social media. Don't you've got to know the company that's Putting the film out and you've got to be going to their website. There's nothing else out there so I asked. Why do it on my facebook page? I've got a few fans out there. Yes well pay attention. Yeah hopefully for any of you listening. Make sure you tell your friends. Mr Gilliam would like everyone to see his motion picture. Yes please I I have a family. I have a mortgage have many expenses that I help with please and I'm getting old. I WANNA spend spend what money I have as quickly as possible because I don't have long. I understand and we. We mere mortals are also on social media. Leonard Maltin at Jesse Maltin on twitter and INSTAGRAM. And my dad has a facebook Leonard. Maltin has a facebook And then you can always go to Leonard. Maltin DOT DOT COM for movie reviews round ups and all kinds of good stuff. We will very happily post a piece about this film and you can find links and then if I can give you any more pertinent information it will be there. Yes well you're GonNa have to give me all those links so I can put on my facebook page and you can also check out our patriotic if you want to support what we're doing here go to Patriot dot com slash Maltin on movies patriots dot com slash. Maltin on movies. And thank you for that. And thank you Terry. Okay and thank you so much to starve audio for having us today. It.

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