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During the summer we asked You one simple question. Do you think you know how to be a good citizen. But we wouldn't leave you empty handed. Don't worry here's our own small rulebook. I how to live in harmony with your city. Take what does your city you. We talk about the importance of good governance. When it comes to tip top infrastructure Well maintained parks and public spaces high quality services to such as good schools and efficient police forces. All of them are important. The cities are made up of people not bureaucrats just as we reflect on the concept of civic responsibility when it comes to citizens thousands of a nation. We should also be aware of what it means to be a good city resident. We know what you're thinking. Isn't it obvious don't already know how to be A Good Berliner or an exemplary vancouverites be tolerant. They're good neighbor and vote in local elections easy but not everyone practices what they preach local elections for example have notoriously low turnouts in the US a dismal twenty seven percent of eligible voters. Oy To actually cast ballots in municipal elections in the UK. The highest voter turnout in local elections with just fifty one point four percent percent that was in two thousand eighteen. The also seems to be some confusion of what exactly constitutes being a good neighbor. Cities have evolved loved the twenty first century and so have manners and modes of conduct. So we've come up with a handy rundown of the ways in which you can be a good engaged urban it it also helped create a better friendlier more diversity in the process. Let's recap some of the rules lookout for others. Pay attention breath. It should go without saying that you shouldn't use your phone to play music or watch. TV on public transport without headphones. But how about taking a break from amusing your phone natale too often. Trains and trams are packed with people sitting lost in their own little world while the elderly Gent in the corner or the woman way way down with a shopping bags is forced to stand. Keep an eye on what's going on around you keep up today. Read your local paper palm subscribe. It's far more likely than the big nationals to be covering city issues that directly affect you and it'll be better equipped to do USA with financial support and once you've finished reading one leave it neatly folded on the train. Someone else to peruse take action. Wish you're building a rooftop garden. Create one gather support petitioned the landlord and pool resources to build a shared space whether it be for barbecues garden parties are open air film. Screenings be engaged. Show up whether it's running for city council just making an appearance at meetings getting involved evolved keeping informed about what's going on in your neighborhood is the first step in shaping your city chill-out what's out. It's great to get the heart pumping with a bracing run less so to be bundled over by Sweaty Giaga. He's forgotten that someone else might need to pavement be patient and with children. Od Elderly crossing the road or walking along a little slowly. You're not in that much of a rush likewise for speeding on quiet residential roads plus plus cycling or scooting on the pavement. Keep it clean go beyond not littering invest in a few bins if your neighborhood is lacking and if you spot a plastic bag or discarded piece of cardboard on the ground shaking your head and totting do much to solve the problem so you lead by example pick it up and throw it away put it away. An increasing number of cities have bike share and scooter share programs uh-huh and many of them also have problems with piles of bikes or scooters dumped. Haphazardly around town. By all means borough right believed a scooter standing upright pride in a sensible place. When you're damn be tolerant let the little things go? If your neighbors one party a year run a bit late. Skip the snide remarks in favor of a friendly waived the next time you see them chances are you'll know the perfect neighbor either. Embrace change not. Everyone can afford a Georgian pile. Don't be the bullied to block housing development if it has a chance to sustain the area and bring in residence city life is all about change and chance encounters debbie stay close close frequent. The shops in your neighborhood. Lots of people bemoan the fate of retail. No matter where in the world they live and many column inches have been devoted to the fact that high streets on changing for the worse but independent shops and small businesses on being forced to close by. Some unstoppable unstoppable force. They need your support skip Amazon and take a stroll be positive. Be a cheerleader for where you live. Have you ever ventured to great new city. Only to notice that all the local seem to do is put it down there something to be said about infectious fictious nature of civic pride so boast about your city's good points at home and away be prepared. It's not pleasant to contemplate but you should have an idea about what to do in the event of a terrorist incident from keeping an eye out to nine the number to call them places to go being reasonably prepared a realistic rule for city. Living in two thousand nine hundred and the final rule well break the rules. It might seem counter intuitive to include this residence rulebook. But don't forget to pray. The rules rules once in a while. Doing Saint Regulations prevent you from planting flowers on your street corner company. Try Anyway not supposed to drink in public unspeakable of wind park to enjoy with your picnic or just throw a block party one. US City the certainly been at the heart of the climate. Emergency debate is Los Angeles mayor. Erica created a climate emergency mobilization nation department and the first Climate Emergency Commission in the world back in April. He announced his green new deal for the city setting Los Angeles on course to be carbon neutral by twenty fifty driving. The implementation of this plan is the city's chief sustainability officer Lauren favor a Connor Monaco's I team bureau chief in Los Angeles Rabelo Lauren. To understand how the city got to this point and also what lies ahead we and the mayor certainly family is himself. He's real with people and we're not mincing words about the emergency that we're facing with climate change and the changes. which is that? We need to see that when we do make them. Our lives are better but they are different right when we have high school kids at the steps of City Hall every Friday tape protesting because they're genuinely afraid for what their lives are going to look like in their forties and fifties in the twenties thirties and forties. I mean that's just in the prime of their life and science is telling us that you know if we don't do something now that could be the end of the world by then and so there's real anxiety on all sides that we have to be very honest with our populations bow and make our solutions as accessible and high-quality as possible because these changes are coming to Los Angeles but we know that they're coming to the betterment of people's lives. Are we going to have every single person. When they are dine with their food be putting all their trash in the right bins? Maybe not every single person we might not be able to get one hundred percent but if we have the infrastructure and the services services available we'll be able to get to the vast majority of people who ultimately do WanNa do right by their families by their children the quality of their own lives. It's it's interesting. You mentioned school children protesting in front of City Hall. This whole movement that has really taken over the world just in London a couple of months ago. There were camped out outside outside closing even some of the bridges and main squares. Because it is. That's idea that adults are letting us down in a way our world won't exist anymore when when they grow up and it has been quite inspiring to see that this movement is in a way being led by the younger generation. Do you find that. What's that also helps with your message and what you're trying to achieve to be like? Look at them they are fighting the battles. We should be doing it for us. Yeah I mean I mean you know for your international audience here. In particular the mobilization an of young people across Europe and beyond that his coming influencing the United States which interestingly you know. We've heard that mobilization itself that climate mobilization was influenced and inspired hired by Parkland students in the US. So it's really incredible. How social media and more engagement by young people are you people across the country in the world that are communicating and learning lessons from each other? And so I look at these students and I see these students and what they're doing and my heart aches. My heart heart aches that we have young people that are so concerned and nervous about their future. And I'm so inspired. I'm so inspired. Because they are looking at the world a completely different way than their predecessors have been willing to do and that is going to open up so many possibilities teaching their parents that older generations that love them so much and enabling an entire new way of living our lives that has more sustainable communal. Aw and thinking about other people. It's just extremely inspiring. That was Los Angeles Chief Sustainability Officer Lauren. Faber O'Connor speaking to her acting seem bureau chief in Los Angeles collateral..

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