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There's not like some like interesting nugget that we could find anywhere else about her no, and they're giving the worst press like page six headline during Jason Derulo opens up about model girlfriend Jennifer rooms, baby fever you he's got a full video setup in his house you know in. This new girlfriend, and they're just whatever. But like she's a beautiful fitness model slash influence or you know like doing fine also making tech talks and getting Britain about in the blast and all that stuff and he was like this is a perfect person for me to team up with to add dimension to my fake ass tick Tock. But the thing is we're we dump on Jason Derulo all the time for his like very clearly artificial like. TIKTOK presents, but it's working for him. You know it's he's doing something of course doing something we're only dumping on it because that's working and we're like, how is this working but it's like he is he has like inserted himself to be part of that ecosystem despite being much older and really not in the world of Tiktok but he is like you know he's on the thing we're he'll reach out to other creators held the he'll do this. He'll work with someone else will collaborate it up you know but it feels very much like. In the verses that guy hired a whole Karoo for his like instagram live setup and everybody was like what you know. It just feels very like overwrought. You know home the whole thing is definitely an aspiring actor and the reason I know that it's because back in August of last year, she posted a video of her at the premiere of the Jacob Tremblay picture good boys, and it says. This movie was fire. Good Movie Popcorn flame emoji laughed the whole time I'm the most awkward on carpets like after I walked this, you can take a video with my purse wide open of me pretend to be important can't wait to be at a premiere of movie. I'm in one day at universal pictures like she's Los. Angeles this woman this woman is a loss angeles. I know it's True I. Do love on Tiktok when kids will like do the thing where they like re blog condit's tumbler tumbler talk. But like re blog Jason Derulo stick talks watch them like what the fuck is this like this is so extra like this is so extra what you're doing right now like that to me is my favorite genres of Tiktok. 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Patrick Mahomes is them I don't think he is is here to her them Okay. I French Patrick? Mahomes. who were them one, two, three, them I guess watched them like even I've seen should about this guy like in tableau which means he's like a them like tablets are talking about his relationships or whatever sack lately I. The only reason I'm willing to give sports guy them is because I see him all over the place. What I look at him, not only do I. Know that sport man that's football that's football that. Plays means he's actually I was like honest with myself to me he's a WHO, but I will admit the fact that I know that he is FA- famous famous enough to be at them I just like the fact that I know that they've covered relationships, I'm like Aren. Them your name mean because they're that's like there's so many SP- relevant popular sports players that they don't cover their relationship for they don't care who they're dating but then you have like Tim Tibo and like those types of guys were like, why do I care who you're getting married to? I. Don't care but you know people do care. It's classic movies of two or. Scratch I like kanter movies who are them one can three then. I. Guess. We know we know what Turner Classic Movies is. We're familiar the lake around for. Twenty thirty years but lake who watches movies like this reminds me of. This with. US Andy Head Wendy Not Bring Wendy backup but Andy had Wendy Williams on watch what happens live and she was like on one and she said you guys play too many movies and in. What and he's like, she's like you play too many movies. I. Just I I can't skipped skipper them turn the channel and he's like he's like you bet yeah. It's. You gotTa play the Clinton. So funny. And by the way it frustrates me that you guys run too many movies. On Bravo. Over really. Yeah. They're not even interesting. Yeah, and I don't I don't stop for the movies. Andy I'm sorry hounds bobby. Allison Krause who were them? Crunch crunch. Alison Krauss who were them, one, two, three, who folk music them? Yes, she likes. country. Music. People. Love Alison. Krauss even people who don't like folk music or like what a voice what a song writer. She's a grammy's artist. That's perfect. She's Grammy's artist. She's a grammys artist Tori Kelly says he's supposedly on the mass singer. I'm going to do a little bit amassing our breakdown next week. I gotTa Watch. Wanted in read some clues but I I think Tori Kelly might be in the mess singer speaking of grammys artists. Highlands even bobby you guys were talking about Pixie cats or well Savannah Christly Pixie car. And if you think Pixie who are them, I feel like they can make or break a career. argue by. Is that. Katy. Perry's career never recovered after she got her cheek that. So does that make it a damn haircut because it's such a big deal when people get it or is it a WHO because it's such a WHO behavior get a Pixie cut And see what happens and see how people are asked. I don't know interested in your thoughts. Crunch, crunch me in quarantine because he goes. Well, let's be clear about the Katy Perry Pixie Cup was a result of her imminent fall from grace. It's correlation non-cooperation that Katy Perry Pixie could came around the same time that things weren't working for but it's also kind of like a pinch of misogyny meaning like we like our popstars we our women to have long hair. It signifies you've signifies something release says something. So whatever but Pixie cuts are they who's them's one, two, three them I think you know what a Pixie cut we look if you say oh so and so got a member when I didn't know a beach you wave was yeah. Everyone was making fun of me. I feel like everyone knows what a Pixie cut. So the pact of a Pixie cut is huge. It's huge impact but I will say the argument against Pixie cut is that if you get a Pixie cut, you get written up by tabloids sometimes. So it's kind of a who he tool you can get you get. Unlike bangs which you also apparently can get written up for us. So I guess that makes me a Pixie cut banks could be who we because they get you tabloid press. Unless you're in the British tabloids in which case you get written up for having fringe. Sorry you get file, but you still get redknapp fringe is just as crucial as banks same thing. Yeah. Hi, Bobby Lindsey. Izza is performing Drew Barrymore. On Drew Barrymore. Barrymore's Talk Show I. Guess We could have known this moment was coming. I thought you might WanNa talk about it also is is a WHO or as them? Okay good form Bella. Thorne Jubeir Bay show has in pulling out all the stops and do I mean all the stops it's like the Tom Green reunion threw me for a loop they pulled out so many stops that I'm saying stop when I'm watching you know I know it's hard to watch I love her and it's hard to watch for me. It's like I don't know what's going on over there but. I only want the best for Juburi morning only one. So. Funny. Yeah. It would be depressed. Yes. Funny Says who were them one, two, three, them I feel like but like Yeah. Reaction to her new song sort of along. I feel like if you if you had asked me this question a month ago I would've said who the wears the album of it all for her has made it very demi like that people really like want and anticipate her I, like her too I. Just I didn't really get the general sense of like the everyone else or whatever control was like the song of that summer I mean the album of that summer that was a huge album even though she didn't want to come out. She's Also her heke she's thinking that was going to say her behavior. She's very picky. She's very particular. Yes, and that is that's a them behavior. Yeah she's a little bit secretive..

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