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Seven million date two thirty on live Warner California state bar exam is typically one of the toughest in the nation but that might change it might be a little easier this time around that's because a few of the questions for the bar exam on July thirtieth were accidentally sent to some law school deans while there's no evidence those deans distributed the questions to law school students it's possible that might have happened so to be fair the state bar of California email the leaks questions to everyone who plans to take the test Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news mayor Carcetti has confirmed a large data breach which has impacted twenty thousand people his office says the breach was discovered last Thursday it involves information about twenty five hundred LAPD officers it also involves data on over seventeen thousand police officer applicants the mayor's office says it is adding more cyber security and a fund raiser is on the books for a mother of four killed in last week's deadly crime spree investigators say a man started his rampage by shooting and killing his father and brother Thursday and then murdered his ex girlfriend Susie Lee be at a gas station nearby the man then killed someone on a bus before getting arrested levy leaves behind for kids at a fundraiser will be held at the Q. as cantina and grill this Wednesday in Burbank and a portion of the proceeds will go to our children a go fund me account has also been set up for Levi's children and has raised around fifteen thousand Bucks chasing catatonia K. A. B. C. near the epilepsy foundation announced today the creation of a chapter in Orange County to serve of the more than thirty thousand people in the region who are affected by the serious brain disorder the epilepsy epilepsy foundation Orange County executive director is Shannon Abdul Wahhab a mother.

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