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This is retire. South shore radio a weekly program designed to educate you on all your retirement options and introduce you to mark. Rolette factor of south shore retirement services for the latest on free seminars. To obtain a report or to set up a consultation. Please visit retire. South shore dot com retirement services on real world retirement solutions looking at the whole picture to design a complete strategy including retirement planning medicare decisions and legal documents. Now here's mark rolette and your host jordan. Rest greetings welcome to another edition of retire. South shore radio jordan here along with mark. The founder and president of seltzer retirement services in hingham massachusetts. We're here to remind you. We don't want you to worry about money in retirement. That is the overall key. And you hear that. And you know it's happening in your own world that you don't have that worry boy. Is that a sigh of relief. Mark great to see you. We have a special guest coming up shortly. Wanna tell us about that. Great to see you too. I hope you're hope you're doing well Yeah so you know. Like i said. The financial physical is what we would try to help clients within it. Encompasses everything not just the income side of things abso stimuli millard on myself work together for several years. He's one of our team members. His specialty is medicare the reason. I bring it up this that you know the open enrollment period is coming up at shortly next week or two and it's a cake seven-week window a no one wants to be dangerous on it. But i don't know enough to give actual advice on it. So i wanted to have come on the show. I just kind of explain to people what they should be thinking about how they can be to our office and setup strategy coal with myself. Or what's do they have specific questions on that They can meet him face to face. We can get on a zoom call. Obviously we're extremely On top of the social distancing For meeting with clients so whatever way people want to do that so i wanted to have him on the show and just kind of talk a little bit about his role. I really enjoy stews company. We met last year in studio or doing a little differently this year. Obviously he'll be on the phone but he's got a very easy way a comforting way and that's important because this is such a confusing time anyway but you add in the medicare responsibilities with this enrollment period can be tough so that's very much we're looking forward to hearing from stu. Also there's a seminar coming up and we'll just tease this talk about further later in the show but a lot of people Have remarked on how much care you're taking and i know you care very much about this. How things go when people are together in public so let's talk first of all about when the seminars occurring in wear right so we have seminars next wednesday and thursday evening at davos and braintree again. We're super excited to kind of get back into room and talk to people. But i did. You know in our last workshops which we given a couple of weeks ago pine hills. I did want to make sure that people knew that they were they. Were gonna be comfortable that we're gonna have social distance and you know the same thing with davos who wanna make sure tables spaced correctly. Restaurants are on top of things. We're trying to support local economies. Were trying to get back into the normal way of life But we're also trying to spread really good information to to individuals at to what we do in how we can help people so next week's event think we're allowed to have thirty six people per night total. I think one of the events already full. You'd have to call the office in hollywood be able to Let you know but yeah. I'm really excited to get back into a room over in davos and have some good information. Greg dinner it'd be a line on to kind of go from there but again people are concerned anywhere that they go. They should know that. Does i know steve di filippo personally. He's he's right on top of things has been since the beginning but social retirement services. I think you're as well stock with. Ppe this anybody. I know since the beginning of all this so People should be very very happy that that's going to be the case. Yeah we're am. You have to stay on top of things. You obviously have to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in the room. So we're at. Can we obviously take care of bad side of things. We're excited to have many of these folks in some people who come to workshops have listened to the radio show for a few years. So it's it's nice to kind of meet meet listeners. I do believe our guest is on the phone. One and i let you introduce stu lard so jordan as you know we do the overall financial physical and it's not just about income and growth of money. Obviously that's the primary focus of our business but there's so many other things that are involved in helping somebody transition from working fulltime into being retired on one of those things one of the members of the team. I'm fortunate to be able to have him on. the on. the line with us today is medicare. everyone turns sixty five at some point. Whether you're retired are working at some stage in your life. You're going to have to start thinking about what to do when you look at signing for medicare so in light of the fact that i think open enrollment starting next week. I wanted to bring stu millard on. Who's one of our fantastic specialists. Who meet with our clients when they have questions when they're getting ready to start to sign up for medicare and and basically takes the guesswork wanted to have come on today. I think we in fact. I know you've spoken to before a year or so ago on the show and i just wanted to kind of go through the steps of what people should be thinking about as they get close to open enroll. So welcome stu. Thanks for joining us on the show appreciate. I know you're busy. Yeah thank you mark for inviting me on As as you said it is a busy time of year for those of us are involved in the medicare space. We're coming up to the period of time that folks already have a medicare plan are allowed to make any changes for the first of the following year and the dates that you can make. Those changes are october. Fifteenth to december seventh. So during that seven week period. Anyone that already has a medicare plan has the option to make any changes. They like to make for the first of the following year and i would encourage anyone. That's listening that already is on a medicare plan to review any documents at your car insurance provider as mailed to you in the last few weeks you should have received something called an annual notice of change letter which will outline any changes in your plan for twenty twenty want and some of the plans are gonna make some wholesale changes so i would strongly encourage everyone to dig up that material. If they don't have it handy review the coverages for next share and make sure that they're comfortable with any changes at their plan. May make this information that you get an anomaly person when it comes to the site defer to you as the expert so i know probably little or nothing about it. What is a complicated when people get this information in the mail. I is it something. That's easy to decipher. Should they be sitting down with a professional and saying hey tell me what i need to change. A great question mark It kinda depends on someone's comfort level a level typically with these letters that you're gonna receive these notices. There will be a chart somewhere in that material that's gonna show you how your plan worked in twenty twenty compared to what the changes are going to be of any for twenty twenty one so folks who dig up that chart look at any co payment changes. They may be making any changes in the premiums with our plan and get make sure that's something that they're comfortable with continue with for the following year. Jump in here for a second and ask how important it is in this time in this window. That people address this because it doesn't last forever. Do tell us about that. You're absolutely right jordan You know we unfortunately for folks. It's a very compressed period of time. You've got really seven weeks to decide if you wanna make some changes again if you're comfortable what you have. Typically you're automatically renewed but again there may be some some changes to that plan that you may not be aware of. That's why. I think it's very important that you review this material and certainly with all that's going on with the cove it and and other issues You know insurance. Health insurance is an awfully important choice for folks and.

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