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Katy Perry welcome to inside the studio. How are you? Isn't that a loaded question in two thousand and twenty loaded question? Yes it is. You've been you've been quarantining for two. This is a unique. Yes. I think it's probably more. It's a loaded question for everyone but I definitely say as I'm about to give birth at two two different things both an actual physical human being and a record that I have been doing all of my promotion in quarantine and this time it's an interesting time sure and and and you know a lot of women and more power to them work into their third trimester I I really hope we get this interview done before your water breaks. Yeah. Well, I'm not at my third trimester I'm in my fourth trimester. No I. Really. Think, you are the one of the last people I get to speak with before my world changes. So originally, this album was at one point it was going to ride in June and then in mid August and it's been pushed back a little bit but but also you must have discussed releasing it next year. Why? Why did you stick with this year? What was the thinking behind that? Yeah I mean this year is a year of pivoting and going with the flow for sure and anyone that like hard plans besides the fact that. You will have a child for me is you know is maybe setting themselves up for A. Surprise So I wanted to put the record out in June obviously I wanted to give myself a little bit more space and not you know go head to head with WHO's coming I. WHO's The headliner? WHO's the opener is the child is the baby what? but I did know that I was so excited about sharing this record that. Got Me into this place of life a fullness of life that I didn't WanNa push to twenty one because I know my energy is about to shift. and my world is about to expand in in such an incredible way that like. Iro I started kind of casually writing this record. In two thousand seventeen and it's really the sound shot I call it the screen shot but the sound shot of the past three years and I know my next couple of years are going to be so full and I will have so much to say. So let's just Onto, the next plus it's a record full of you know hopefully listen resilience and about coming out of the darkness. So I think if anyone's going through that now it could be. It could be something for them. I, mean I think in a way we're all going through that now to wanted it standar- another it's it's it's hard to not be in the darkness at this particular time in human history given given the pandemic. But you talk about coming out of the darkness there's a note in the packaging for smile and it's it's actually signed Catherine Not Katie and you you say many of these songs were written coming out of one of my own darkest times finding and fighting for the light at the end of the tunnel. And so I I I wanNA talk about smile you finding your smile again. But let's start with the dark times. 'cause that's kind of where the album begins. Isn't it? On the record. Yeah. Let's let's travel back to it. So I guess travel back a few years to twenty seventeen or so or twenty eighteen but but that's kind of where the album begins. With never really over cry about it later Kyrie is these are These are the Darker Times right? Well, you know actually you're you're you're making a very observant note the sequence does tell a mini story and it does start out with kind of the letting go the true letting go or or making a decision to let go of of this. Loop of love that I was in, you know the unhealthy relationships and going like I am not going to. Fall back into that loop, I am going to choose a different path even though it's difficult But the you know there was a it was a few things in two, thousand, seventeen, it was Shift in my own excitement and getting high on my own supply with putting out music. It just didn't really it didn't. It didn't slap like it used to. And I right before I put out the record, I actually broke up with my now baby daddy because I was just like you know I. I, it got to a tipping point and I thought I was GonNa Lean on the validation of the outside world to get me through you know the bummer time of of a breaking up with someone but then You know then I wasn't getting fed from the outside world like I was used to. So everything started falling apart basically the foundation started cracking and I didn't realize that I put so much. Self worth and validation in everyone else's hands and when they don't give it back to you, it's a huge void So we're talking about two, thousand, seventeen when witness came out, that's that's the moment when we're it's you know as a Katy Perry, fan as somebody who, Hey, that's not my favorite Katy Perry record but I like a lot of songs on it, Katy, Perry record but the world seemed to say like you know what? Maybe we've had enough maybe we WANNA take a break. I M I M exaggerating no, you are not at all. You are so right and I felt that I am. A. Master feelings. That's my job is to. Observe and feel the feelings and you know put them in too little definitions and ideas and songs I take feelings and I'm I create worlds. So I was feeling that rejection pretty heavily and you know I did I did what a lot of artists do at some point in their careers as I took a leap because I wanted to experiment I wanted to break. The Kind.

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