Michael Cohen, President Trump, Vietnam discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


The president will be in Vietnam to meet with the leader of North Korea. When the house back home votes on that resolution potentially to block his national emergency which will continue theoretically with him overseas. Democrats say they have enough votes to pass it. The bill's fate in the Senate, however, is uncertain we're watching four particular Republicans who've publicly voiced concern about using that kind of executive power to build something like a wall. Or steal slats. The political maneuvering will be happening as the president's former longtime personal attorney talks to congress and the public will finally know at least some of what Michael Cohen knows president had this to say about Cohen's upcoming testimony today. No. Lawyer client. But you know, he's taken his own chance. Interesting here to talk about it. Philip Elliott politics correspondent for time magazine and tell copen Washington correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle tall I'd like to begin with you. Yes. A lot can happen in these next few days. And yes, there are some limits. Some of them self imposed on what these members of the committee are going to ask Michael Cohen. But is there any chance this will be somehow less than the momentous event were kind of all expecting? Well, there's always a chance. But no, I mean, the the build up to this event certainly has been quite suspenseful. But, but let's remember this is not, you know, someone who's coming before the committee with things hanging over their head like a potential sentencing or ongoing court drama. Even Michael Cohen has really laid things out there for the court already and presumably is going to be coming to testify to answer any questions that remain about what he said in court which already has implicated the president. So the potential for fireworks with this testimony. I'd say is quite high and Philip let's get down to brass tacks. We have a we have television president in a television age. I think the time difference in Vietnam. I think day is night and night is day. I think it's twelve hours..

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