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Throughout this campaign that i thought the december twelve was going to be a historic day who's gonna mood and a quarter century a democrat who has been elected to the us senate from alabama former us attorney doug jones with a razorthin victory over republican roy more tuesday night more had been dogged by decadesold sexual allegations moments ago told his supporters on montgomery alabama that he is not yet ready to concede realize when the vote is this close it is not over and we still got to go by the rules about this recount 'provision and sectaire state has explained to us and we're expecting it to press will go up there and talk to them to find out what the situation is but we also know that god is always in control if the margin of victory is who is within one half of a percent he'd would trigger an automatic recon air recount under alabama's election laws president trump tweeting his congratulations to doug jones on a hardfought victory but the president adding the republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time jones serving out the unexpired term of now attorney general jeff sessions that term ends in two years from now white house is also defending the tweet from the president earlier today saying that new york's senator kirsten jila brand would do anything for a campaign contribution critics have branded that tweet sexist but white house press secretary sarah sanders says it is not he's use that same terminology many times i in reference to men is no way at this a sexist it all senator jila brand has said trump's attack was a sexist smear attempting to silence her she has called for the president's resignation fox news.

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