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Here in Washington, the National Guard continues to protect the state Capitol building, as it has since Sunday. But what about the other potential targets of violence? Who will protect those comas met Markovich talked with local law enforcement professionals, including Kurt Boyle of the Washington State Fusion Center and Joe D'Amico of Security Services. Northwest groups may be targeting so called soft targets, the phones of private security agencies are now ringing off the hook. Protect both critical infrastructure. Um retail businesses Security services. Northwest has had to do a three fold increase in staffing since summer. And it's not just for protection but for rapid extraction of employees and needing tol You know, send in security teams toe, grab their employees and then pull them out. The state's fusion intelligence gathering center is working to get accurate information out about all potential targets to that that information to make sure it's not misinformation or disinformation and making sure that it's credible information. Law enforcement veteran Jeff You too, says the average system needs to practice. Situational awareness. What seems normal for the area? What seems abnormal for the area And if something doesn't look right, tell somebody and get out of the area. Trust your gut, not Markovitz reporting. With Ben is seeing a very high covert testing right right now, According to this to call me Valley Record City has the highest positive test rate of any city in King County. Over the holidays, the city saw 58 new cases, which is a 25% positive test rate. They were also five hospitalizations and one death. Over the last month, the city saw 51% increase in Corona virus cases with nearly all the people being under the age of 60. The governor has warned the eight regions in the state. They will remain under current restrictions until at least January. 25th come was Nick popping reports that some counties are worried about being group with other counties if their case counselor better than theirs. He spoke with Snohomish County executive Dave Summers. So Summers knows that quelling the pandemic is a group effort. We understand that we are Connected by businesses and transportation networks and just the families across borders. You know, it's ah, natural flow for us to work with King and Pierce. Katie Curtis was Snohomish Health District says It makes good sense to be group like this because of the proximity and how much those businesses are intertwined Lot of our hospital systems. Um, are kind of spanning across those county Porter's anyways. But if push comes to shove, insta Home ish start seeing success like they did earlier in the pandemic, we would also be watching to see how this impacts an Amish county. But right now, the hope is that all these counties continue to keep following these safety protocols and hopefully increase vaccine distribution, the county says. Based on current projections. The county will likely run out of doses before the end of next week, until significant changes and increases take place not only for the state of Washington, but for Snohomish County as well. Nick Pompom, Come on yours. A record surge in deadly drug overdoses in King County is worrying public health leaders Cho Suzanne farm reports They've seen more than 40 suspected deaths in recent weeks across the country. The number of overdose deaths is set to reach an all time high, and there's a record setting spike and overdose deaths in King County. There are number of reasons which all seem to point to the pandemic. It's just really unfortunate. Hold. It has just made a bad situation. Even worse. Dr. Steven Standards, is a pain medicine specialist at Swedish Hospital. Pandemic restrictions and closures mean people are out of work and stressed others air alone and isolated. Others are unable to get the help they need or continue with treatment, a recovery programs that there's just the whole stress of the effects of cove it and on all of our lives, let alone patients with substance use disorder. And that also could be a trigger to maybe them falling back into their problems around misusing substances, and they're more drugs out there. We have a lot of heroin, very cheap. We have a lot of methamphetamine, very cheap, very pure. We also have fentanyl, which is mostly in elicit looking pills. These sort of blue and thirties, most commonly occasionally mixed in with other drugs. Let's comb Oh, Suzanne phone reporting. Now let's head to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. At the age of 37. Aaron Rodgers continues to turn back the clock at the height of his powers going 23 out of 36 4 296 yards and two touchdowns. The Packers beat the Rams. 32 18 to reach the NFC championship game for the fifth time in Roger's career, but for the first time, that game will be played at Lambeau Field Packers also rolled up 188 yards on the ground. The winner of the Tampa Bay New Orleans, Gable take on the Packers in the NFC title game. Sports attended 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on news introducing TD Ameritrade's newest trading.

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