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Janet. Hubert. And will Smith have been beefing, and they have said a lot of negative things about each other in the media. But they've been beefing for awhile. Okay, so when Fresh prince of Bel Air was very successful. Somewhat argue. Some would argue in his height of success. Will Smith and unviable They were not seeing eye to eye. Okay? Will Smith felt as if Janet Hubert hated him. What he did not realize is that she was going through and abusive marriage. She was pregnant. She felt that her home and her world was simply collapsing around here, so she continue to go to work. But she admits she went to work. She was professional, but she really did not engage. In the socialization aspect anymore. Okay. In addition to that She also revealed that NBC gave her a bad deal and did not allow her to pick up any additional work. And so she decided not to return. She said she was never fired. But she was trapped. She has said that she believed Will Smith could have done things to help her because he at 21. He had that much power at NBC. He had that much power over the show and the stars and the cast and contracts and everything else. And he did not really stand up for her. They just replaced her and kept the show going personally, This is just me doesn't have to be you but personally actually enjoyed the character of Janet Hubert more than the new Aunt VI of they brought in. Both were good, but I enjoyed the original much more. She had much more character, much more layering. OK, so they made up because of the HBO special. They're bringing everybody back together. It was touching. Here's some of it. I was, uh 21 years old. Yeah, Yeah. No, um no. Everything was a threat to me. Why was I from.

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