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Durable evidence that my dad killed anyone what April will usher did have was a feeling let me ask you how many people do you know that have been murdered yeah well everywhere I went people that we knew were associated with her being murdered I'm just in the last three years I've been following April trying to make sense of what her father did and what else you may have done we know for a fact that they're both here and they're both they're nearly identical merrily identical murders occur and he still has his arm raised Mikey never lowered the gun true crime story that's also about our obsession with true crime in the mythic monsters we create that my dad was consumed with the zodiac but I can look you in the eye and tell you he did not kill Jonathan and nobody likes that one the clearing for pineapple street media in association with village the clearing is available now for free on the radio dot com app bring on Roberts here in the afternoon until six o'clock tonight Pat Mahomes Kim Jones day around two continues in the bingo bracket of pain and obviously more the NFL draft as we creep closer and closer to another big day in China jet history right away I watched part two last night of the last dance which was outstanding but it was sold your thoughts on what happened yeah it's really unbelievable at this guy I first of all people made a big mistake on many sides a seven year eighteen million dollar contract which is nothing in the NBA you know even then I mean seven years eighteen million two million plus he wanted security yeah I understand but I mean and and Reinsdorf I mean if you believe it out you know who knows I never you know know what to believe what owners basically told the Pippin not to sign the contract can be I guess according to what Reinsdorf said yeah I think he said that as the ink was dry love saying you guys I mean it's always the reason I that I clarified it by saying he's an older if you want to believe that right point her eyes he is the owner but the the fact that the guy was the sixth highest paid player on the team and a hundred and twenty something highest paid player in the NBA was absurd I mean it's ridiculous I eventually got his money from Houston but I mean it was absolutely ridiculous and obviously to go with that all thing going into the ninety seven ninety eight season you know he could've got surgery in the summer you didn't do it because you want to stick it to the bulls is pretty obvious he said you don't want to ruin this summer but it's pretty we pretty obvious why and you know join I guess wasn't I wasn't happy about it but I look I mean I I think I understand what happened was coming from in that regard a really dope I don't know because he didn't say if he did but I think the best approach to that would have been right as the season ends they win their second straight IDA Brian brushing to call up the owner call of Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf and be blunt and say here's the deal right I want a new contract what I wanted to also talk about get rid of the guy well that's yes Jerry Krause was talking about healing hip in and and Pippen according to what you know what the relationship was never good again after that no even to the point that was saying Iran what on the bus or whatever I used to put in the back it applies jotting you know different things that Krauss yes which I guess was very common that these guys made fun across all that all the time but I think this was you know once that happened I think it was even accelerated by fifty but if the communication was look if you give me a new contract I'm gonna have the surgery right away I'll roto gro ruin my summer let's go but I don't feel like you guys have treated me well I think that even though I signed the contract you should reward me for my play and if you don't here's my retaliation because you really don't have retaliation when you sign the contract right he could have offered my retaliation is I'm not gonna have the surgery to October right and then it's the decision of the owner and Jerry Krause I don't want to handle this now I get Michael being ticked off because my perspective is it's all about the team and you're hurting the team which he clearly did right now you know and all the burden is even more on me now that you're not here and how does a little upset with that so and how about this as big you mention that Pippin ask for a trade that Kraus was offering him that summer Tracy McGrady confirmed that one of the potential trades with Scotty Pippin for the draft rights to Tracy McGrady who would've been a rookie for that nineteen ninety eight team long term for the Chicago Bulls that's nice but I don't know if they would it be a champion right up with teenager Tracy McGrady instead of Scotty Pippin in nineteen oh eight I don't know I don't know about that it certainly Jordan would've been on would not have been on board for something like that yeah joined with that of its road with that no no question about it I am who I like and it really paints the picture of the Jerry Krause just not so you know obviously a guy who you know yeah the videos about him it was it was really a bit a lot about his eagle really wants that and and of course the other thing they wanted to is the Oakleigh park caught right trade right and I don't know how you look I A. as a Knicks fan I look at the trade and it was a good trade for an X. I can't say it wasn't I mean bill caught right yeah bill car right with especially with the bulls used on they were using to be any kind of offensive threat for them you know what I mean right he was being used as just a big man got complacent the fancy could rebound to give you a little score not much they you know they were looking him in advance and obviously Oakley became a big part of the mix of the nineties but yeah that's a you know you look at that trade and you say well I you know I feel sorry for net trade Oakley let me yeah yeah okay well the B. X. against the you get let's talk to one by Jordan for years right and he's on kind of the the birth and the growth of the Chicago rivals but not on them right with the result right not sure if he is correct it's a weird trade because for Chicago it worked in that bill Cartwright was a perfect fit on that team help them win three straight NBA tape right I was perfect for them okay that's that's really how you judge things did you wanna be a championship right telling the comet you made recently when we had Greg Maddux John and Gregg almost signed with the Yankees and on sale now out of an amazing and you have a great answer you said how much more could be a case of what right and you're right it's it's similar in that it was all glee great for the next pound for pound in the new hold on call when the trade from a talent perspective probably yes but it's about winning NBA championships in for the Chicago Bulls they got him in eighty nine ninety ninety one ninety or ninety one ninety two ninety three they won three straight NBA titles yeah yeah but the thing that's only fair in my view to Jerry Krause and by the way please watch you need both stick it to everyone and always use you just met Jeff in a playoff series one absolutely but it is not fair that Jerry Krause is not getting a chance to respond to any of this because he's not around anymore I I understand but I I get it I get it but I mean you know I guess maybe it's that's unfair Reinsdorf is trying to pick up the slack a little bit but I don't I really don't know but look I mean the fact that this guy like you said they could one more after ninety eight if you keep that team together they probably would again yeah why why would you think they wouldn't eat it Jerry Krause would've been if I'm bulls fan yeah im happy look we got sixty it is great dynasty what a great teams of all time I'm ticked off that it wasn't more could no doubt and in crowds probably deserves most of the blame it's just that there are different sides to a story I understand unfortunately we're just not getting his side at all and I'm not saying it was going to change my view or your viewer most people watching you it probably wasn't because at the end of the day I think most of us were gonna take the side of Michael and how he felt and Scotty and all of that but he's not around at all to defend myself but one thing that's always bothered me and you know and you know obviously I realize this now you know when I started watching sports and even when I you know when I started in this business it all I always to me was it was all about winning but then I you know as as time's gone on you find out it's not all about right right any any any egos get in the way and personal issues between people get in the way and obviously that happened we're Krause and Pippin obviously that happened what Krause and Phil Jackson you know and these kind of things wind up destroying you know teams and that's what happened here yeah and I and I and again I understand he's not here to defend himself but it just seems to me it comes down to him I hate to say it mean it's all as well Michael Jordan's telling me that I don't want to play for anybody but Phil Jackson well you know what Phil you're going to be a cultural one but but he brought that to me that's the answer always easy and they couldn't wait to hire Tim Floyd specifically it's going on fishing trips with the guy and while Jackson was still the coach and after that nineteen ninety eight season Michael did announce his retirement right away right by Jerry Krause hired coach Floyd right away will you the Iowa state he was in I was state any hired him in the middle of July Michael Jordan never announced his retirement in January after a lock out towards the end of the lockout right so he basically took away right away he took away Phil Jackson and I completely agree with you that that was a wrong decision course point you don't really comes down to it like we were talking at the top of the wall part that comes around or you can say I'm not letting you as good of a job is I think you've done I'm not letting you blow up one of the great during all these all rights to appeal to hold off for a year I mean because it's obvious that Krause wanted to blow it up after the ninety seven championship right he wanted to blow it out then you right down to the meeting with the fill out and Reinsdorf said no we're not as long as Jordan's here we're going to try to win again that's basically what it what he said you know it's interesting you know where Jerry Krause ended up after attempting to rebuild.

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