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Dot com today. That's geico dot com miami. We'll be one of the most experienced teams in the nascent. Headlined by the return of quarterback. D eric king the six year senior through for twenty three touchdowns last year before tearing his acl in december. Miami returns nine defensive starters but they struggled on that side of the ball last year head coach many has announced he will take over the play calling duties on defense. It'll be tested early the week. One matchup against alabama. If miami can pull off the upset they could be poised for just their second ten win season since joining the acc in two thousand and four been great for miami standpoint is having such an experienced team some of the guys we brought with us here this today from media day is the off season. How do we go through spring practice. How do we go through the workouts and guys that are experienced. They came back for the right reasons. they wanna see miami win and they want to set an example for the younger guys coming into our program which to me at miami. We've always had. We're going to be improved on. Defense is here and that is all going to be about the players. It's fun to talk about the coaches and the play calling this that and the other but but great defenses ultimately about the connection between the players on the field the trust and the accountability. And that's where i felt like a year ago. We didn't quite have that to the extent we had a lot of fraud. Now we play defense and my match felt like that. We took a step back in that regard not to our standard. Ej cantieri can carry the load to wendy absolutely. Can i mean he put up like you said over twenty six hundred yards of passing offense and i just think again this. His leadership ability guy success everywhere. He's playing whether it was houston and even now at miami and sure he didn't get a chance to compete in the spring. But he's been a ton of time with the coaches a ton of time watching his tape back learning where he needs to do better to go into the season. Just be more specially accurate in those deep balls. Because i think that's an area we can really take advantage of especially not having charleston ramble coming over from oklahoma. I tell you what ej. I agree with you one hundred percent. I'm glad you mentioned the deep ball. Because that's a part of his game. That i want to see if he can get better throwing the deep ball. They need to go vertical last year. He only completed twenty one out of sixty five balls thrown twenty yards or longer. So that's not gonna cut it. Thirty two percent led him at twelve out of fourteen. Quarterbacks got right to that same statistics. I think he's going to have to make defenses respective vertical game because of defense can play you in the little box and they know that your dual threat quarterback they could drop a guy in the box of spy which to me as a receiver. That's what you want because you're gonna get one on one on the outside you want to give vertical bu- until they respect that he's going to have to really prove that he could throw a long because he's gonna see eight nine man boxes going to really start to suffocate that running attack for the hurricanes does listen. You heard coach talk about it. He'll take over the play calling on defense he downplayed it but it is a change. What does that mean for. Both the coach and the team bowman. I mean that's what we know. Many as many as one of the better defensive play calls that we've seen in the past eighteen years and that's why he's the head coach. Mommy right now because of what he's brought to the table as defensive coordinator but we watched the canes in big games. You watch them against clemson. You wash gives you an it. Unc embarrassing how players. They were out of place. They act like they didn't know the call and they were being exposed so him to take over the play calling duties me. There's something else is going to suffer as far as the head coach. He's going to have this have someone else on his stay up. Who can pick up that. He can pick up some of the duties that he's gonna have to delegate to them as a head coach probably some sort of assistant head coach. But i think it's really good to see manny back in the saddle as the play called up the deepest aspect of very aggressive very exciting group of guys who are going to be flying around. And they're going to be very very physical to all right. Does end speaking of miami still to come on college. Football live quarterback. Derek talked about as he heads into year. Two will join us check in live. We'll of course asked about his recovery from the acl injury and maybe even look ahead to that week. One matchup against idaho alabama in the meantime though let's talk a little bit about unc. Sam how low potential pack in the two thousand twenty two. Nfl draft i. He'll look though to continue his historic college career. Sixty eight touchdowns tied for the most in tar heel history. He'll have a completely new supporting cast. The tar heels lost to one thousand yard rushers and devante williams and michael carter as well as their top two receivers diani brown and dez does newsom. You put plenty of young talent coming in the tar heel signed the twelfth best recruiting class in the nation in twenty thousand twenty one. The headliner case sean. Silver number three defensive in class. Here's mac preseason hype. We've gotten high. We've been hugged. We've been we've had sugar thrown all over. We're all enjoying it and we like it. So let's let's clean it off and let's get back to facts. 'cause we were fifth in the country when we went to florida state and about twenty fifth when we were leaving so i was trying to explain to your not the fifth best team in the country without tell them you're not the fifth best team in the country but we gotta play all those guys in the running back room and there were serious They have a really big chip on their shoulder. They're kind of tired of everyone's talking about who we loss instead of talking about who we got coming in this year so they worked so hard. I've spent so much time for them. It's been a good challenge for me just to try. Try those guys developed into the players. We wanna see this fall. Ej there were all bright spots for unc last season and there were of course the typical missteps at well as well. Are they in position to take the next step forward. Yeah when do you think they are. You know obviously you talk about the receivers and the running back today lost. Nfl draft but look they have some talent coming back both positions. I would say first off getting taught chandler. Come over from tennessee. A guy was put up over two thousand plus all purpose shards in the sec. So he's not gonna be afraid when he gets no bright lights. Acc conference but also you talked about the receivers shafi brown. The brother of brown corral was out a bunch last year with the injury. Another got josh down so they can put in the backfield and also flex out in the slot. I called their spring game and they were still throwing that ball down. Appeal sam gonna be just fine this season. Ej i'm excited about sam. How but man he lost so much. Production and productivity around him. You look at the two running backs you know you lived to white house. I mean you got to white house. Both the thousand yard receivers. You got two running backs. Both the thousand yard russia's that's a huge amount of productivity that they have to replace a quarterbacks best friend ej besides the left tackle. Is the running back in the running game that took a whole lot of pressure. Off of sam. How but if. I'm matt jones and i gotta try to rebuild my offense. At least. I have a veteran quarterback in sam that can lead the troops and that will give me a lot of hoping defensively. They're return ten starters on deepest. Don't forget last year they were number number five in f. b. s. with thirty six sacks so they can get after the passer so defensively. I think they're able to take in a position to take another step forward. But sam how gives me hope off pencil. Because he's a veteran quarterback. What a whole bunch of new faces in new places and offers a skill positions desma teed up perfectly just the way we get. We're in midseason form. Ej having said all of that. Where do you need to see improvement from. Sam how do you like most quarterbacks. You just want to improve in the footwork. When i went back and watched his in preparation of his spring game there was a few times where he was bouncing around the pocket. You know taking one more than more one more hits than he actually needed especially as a five and a hitch seven and a hitch. Drop in the gun. I feel like if he can. Just tighten that down. It'd be a lot more accurate..

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