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Hello and in this episode. You'RE GONNA learn three main things. How understanding the regulation of infection in the body is how HIV was brought under control? And how it will be how lyme disease is brought under control. The ways lime disease interventions would benefit from the same precision drug engineering as they do in cancer research and the drug research. Neil Specter's involved often that starts with identifying the drugs that have the best chance of physically interacting with lime bacteria. Thanks Roy and a big shoutout to all you longtime lime Ninjas. You're the reason we have way more than half a million downloads Aurora. And I really appreciate you tuning in and we'd like to welcome all the new listeners out but they're welcome to lime Ninja radio. You are now officially a lime Ninja and as you know. Lime disease is an international problem. Each week we have listeners. Join you from all over the world this past week. We've had listeners. Join from Calgary to Coquitlam Canada so like listeners. There's from Canada. Canada represent this this week. Okay welcome Canada. We're glad to have you tuning in all right. We're tells a little bit more about Dr. Neil Specter Dr Specter's undiagnosed lyme disease damaged his heart so badly that he had to get a heart transplant. Intravenous antibiotics. Antibiotics finally brought the lime disease under control and Dr Specter now brings his expertise in treating cancer to developing lime treatments. Thanks Roy and here's Dr Specter's presentation at the two thousand Nineteen Li- mine conference.

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