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To have you here. Affected would be very challenging if wanting to create music. Well it so. That was the challenge. Is that for a long time. I didn't think that i could continue on my path as a musician. Because i was worried that i couldn't hear you know the truth of whatever it was doing i mean i i had to. I had to reevaluate my voice. 'cause i couldn't hear my own voice the same way that i had previously 'cause it wasn't just the reigning but but the hearing loss itself rank. I lost certain frequencies so the the sureness that you have in a pitch is no longer what you remember it right so you have to kind of re learn all of that kind of muscle memory And so you know being a songwriter kind of always looking for meaning in things. No it took me years to get to the song but but but i sort of liked that idea that like the things that you that you care about our hard-won right And if what i care about is is wanting to be better and wanting to be more compassionate Then maybe this condition This kind of constant pain. is a symbol And i can use it to whatever. I want it to be right and so now it's a symbol for me is just a reminder that that i'm not the most important thing in the world and i can care about other people so you an event Last christmas on december twenty fifth. It was quite a collaboration with other artists. Yeah so this is An evolution of a tradition. That i have so i. I'm muslim and my family doesn't celebrate christmas per se. We don't really have a holiday this time of year. But for as long as i've lived in new york and had friends new york. I've always known that there are people who find their way here and around the holidays Either by circumstance or choice aren't able to go home or or or unwilling to go home or for whatever. Reason are kind of orphaned on the holiday and so every year i would host. You know christmas dinner or more. I would decorate the house. And i i you know i i make a big meal and invite really anybody who was left behind and we'd have kind of christmas dinner at my place And this year being twenty twenty and they're being pandemic. There are a lot more people than usual in that condition where they're sequestered home and maybe is a link for eight or nine months And for all the same reasons. I can't i can't have this party that might normally have i can't have this dinner So i i kind of enlisted all of my or many of my musician friends to come join me on this broadcast that we could just have on and it would be on for five hours on christmas day and anybody who's home alone or or really just home in didn't have anything to do kind of feeling disconnected left out would have something real An holiday seemed happening right now that they could they could connect with and engage with And so that's that's really where that came from. And i'm grateful that i have so many very very talented musical friends who who are willing to join me in that in that effort because Because i think a very very wonderful thing for you too. Thank you it. It felt good. It was a lot of fun. You livestream two for five hours different locations. Yeah so i'd set up Just kind of you know i have. I had like a portal and then everyone kind of call in almost zoom call and everyone time slots that they would come in and do their half hour set and introduce them and You know i would say thank you introduce the next artists and and you know they would all they were all kind of streaming in from from their own homes but it was live and you know there were hundreds of people commenting and we all kind of engage at least online in a way that almost felt like a live show and almost felt like a little bit of a festival But it was. You know i. It was just A way of trying to help people feel a little bit more connected In a time when when nobody's really connected with the underground music collective at appears to be a very supportive interesting group. Can you tell me that more Sure yeah So that is the brainchild of one. Gerard longo And i think it began in lehigh valley where he was living at the time and he just wanted to showcase local artists because At the time you know i i was a i was the front man of a band. Called the new bedford's we were based out of new jersey And there were a lot of really kind of interesting punk acts. bans a Based out of new jersey in northern pennsylvania And he took it upon himself to an show up at every tiny gig that every pant that he heard about And then you kind of created a a media platform around which To talk about these events and it's sort of it's it's always great to find someone who just like wants to go out of their way to champion independent musicians right And he then moved to nashville And then in nashville has kind of grown his platform into a kind of a bigger bigger thing in terms of influence and the amount of people who are exposed to it And now he has other collaborators. Other writers work with him So the underground music collective kind of grown into just a really great resource for independent artists and he and i have been in touch for years right so with a new bedford's broke up and You know. I wasn't doing a whole lot of public work until relatively recently in the second he kinda caught wins at this record was coming. He wanted to hear it. He wanted to review. He wanted to to listen to everything and he wanted to to help us. Get our music out there. And so he's he's He and the rest of the folks at the underground music elective are really a great resource in highly recommend Anybody who's trying to play this game of being a musician and being public.

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