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Jack Sheldon welcome to fashion thanks it's nice to be here I don't know why I have this image of you but I always thought of you of such as somebody who we live a Lotta numer in their singing and and music and there's something so emotionally naked about some of the songs on your new record that really surprised me I really love the singing in the planning on it is the choice of material the kind of seeing that you're doing a relatively recent development with you the canal I think I'm singing better now I'm starting singing and arms or just can do it better but I've been doing it all my life it's a yeah it's more naked I think and more I like that emotionally make events your we are I guess I guess I'm just developing into where I can and do more personal you know stuff from better pitch and just things I've been working on and starting a tour helps what's interesting tell me what you're getting from learning how to sing I mean Lyndon taking formal lessons well just real simple stuff but you know to have a lot of foundation get a lot of air and use your diaphragm and I notice now when I yeah if I'm having trouble with the note it's really because I don't have the foundation there to you know get a lot of air in my stomach and my diaphragm and now and open my mouth wide you just learn real simple things that you think you do but you don't really and then practiced appeared shin arm the articulation yet it's just things like that trumpet with the you know are hitting every know precisely in June so it's good to take lessons and study like that because then you have you do what you're doing and somebody can criticize you and in a nice way they're real nice to me the real encouraging was there another change it having to be says taking lessons that something happened emotionally that left you more open to this kind of material all I got sober eight years ago and I don't drink or take drugs or do anything like that and I think that left me teachable before that I thought I was really cool and I knew everything so now you want to take lessons I thought I was better than the teachers you know however we just didn't know what I was doing in the night when I got sober the I found out there was a lot of stuff that I didn't know and that people didn't use me not because they didn't like me or anything because I couldn't produce what they wanted now I'm trying to get to be able to do anything any composer might want when you were playing in the nineteen fifties bop was the thing and very few of the instrumentalists sang did you sing back then and were you self conscious about singing at all yeah I was always self conscious about saying and I I wanted is saying but it's so personal saying and I started singing with Benny Goodman's band that was about nineteen fifty eight and I wrote a song and Benny let me say he was the first band leader there whatever let me saying Stan Kenton when let me say no because yours was afraid I would say something to off color which I probably would've did your reputation for doing that yes are we our work with many Bruce and I was trying to kinda emulate him at the time what kind of work do you do with any review of it in the band plan playing at the club or something we are burlesque I work with them on a Bruce we worked our without his wife honey and Joe mania and out of Philly Joe Jones and Kenny drew and leroy Vinnegar we have quite a real good band there and we played burlesque in a place called Duffy's and Los Angeles and then let me was the comic and we did all kind of come he would write stuff and we'd act out we did the man with the golden arm and I really like your own version of that yeah a burlesque version but I must have been interesting there was there was funny I think I think it ended up where the guy flush the dope down the toilet and then let me so there's nothing there's only one thing to do is smoke the toilet those are so funny now are you really had to be there that's Jack Sheldon speaking to Terry gross in nineteen ninety three he died last month at age eighty eight more after a break this is fresh AIR support for NPR comes from this station and from Warner brothers pictures presenting just mercy based on the true story of a modern hero starring Michael B. Jordan Jamie Foxx and brie Larson now.

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